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Drabbles #01-06

Title: Drabbles #01-06
Category: Super Junior
Genre: Various (mostly humor and A/U)
Rating: G-PG-13
Characters: Super Junior with Amber
Pairings: Various

#01 Amber | Eunhyuk ⇒ that's not a super power, dumbass
“I mean come on, at least his cuteness overload will render anyone one into his complete control.”

#02 Henry | Heechul ⇒ harmless
“A foreign slave at that. He could be a spy, an assassin, or something that wants to harm you.”

#03 Yesung | Henry ⇒ trying to fold 1000 paper cranes
He just has one hundred forty-three more to go.

#04 Kyuhyun | Henry ⇒ abusing copy machines
“Stop making it photo copying stupid notes!”

#05 Henry | Donghae ⇒ what else can you do with that mouth?
“How about I show you.”

#06 Eeteuk | Henry ⇒ don't do that!
“No!” Eeteuk said as he quickly grab some tissue to forcibly wipe Henry’s face. “I mean yes! That too but that’s not what I’m talking about.”

Please enjoy. :D

I found the wonders of Suju pairing/prompt generator!
Tags: pairing: various

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