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Bedroom Activities [2/3]

Title: Bedroom Activities [2/3] (Sequel to Pajama? Pajama!)
Pairing(s): KyuWook, YehMin, minor!KiHaeHyuk
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance
Disclaimer: I. Don't. Own. Anyone.
Summary: Despite being able to dispense sagely relationship advice to his hyungs, Kyuhyun's own romantic life is practically non-existent. Now that Yesung and Sungmin have gotten together, Kyuhyun can finally spend more time alone with Ryeowook. Will he ever confess his feelings to the eternal maknae?

Previous Chapters: Chapter 1

"Please, please, let my family be safe." Leeteuk prayed silently.
Tags: pairing: ryeowook/kyuhyun, pairing: yesung/sungmin

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