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Fairyland [00/?] and 韩庚, 生日快乐!

Title: Fairyland [00/?]
Pairing: Heebum, Sihan, Kangteuk, Eunhae, Yewook, Kyumin, slight! Heekyung
Rating: PG13 maybe?
Genre: Fantasy, a bit of drama and some romance
Summary: Kibum, as a child, thought that he might be a changeling. He was so unlike the other members of his family. He didn't sing, no he even didn't talk at all. As 16 years old, he didn't believe about changelings and those stories but yet, there was a visitor to him by window of this room and the stranger took Kibum to the world where most of people do not know, the fairyland.
Warning: Slow updates. Very slow. Some nonsense maybe?
A/N:  It's my first long fic. so it would turn up really bad..

(Character infromation) (Prolog)

And this is a fanart! Congratulating Hangeng's birthday...
(韩庚, 生日快乐!)
Tags: fanart, pairing: various, subject: hangeng

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