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unfinished drabble

 you make me so
623 words
pg-13 (language)
pairing: slight sichul
summary: a stubborn and sick heechul is bothered by an equally stubborn and worried siwon (summary is fail)
disclaimer: i own nothing but the idea. inspired by a horrible, HORRIBLE bout of vertigo while studying abroad. also, first time writing. unfinished drabble is unfinished, and probably crap. >>;; just warning you.

A/N: So I should totally be working on an eight minute Japanese presentation that I have to give tomorrow at 5:30, but instead I'm posting this unfinished drabble.
Screwed up priorities are screwed up.
First time writing. Anything. Ever.
Don't know if I'll finish this. I'm not good at getting words to cooperate for me. x__X
But yeah. Enjoy. Comment if you like it. Maybe it will give me motivation. ^^;;

you make me so

after the third day, heechul decided it was best to just stay in bed

because really, he’d been making friends with the floor far too often (hello again, how are you, I’m fine thanks, we really need to stop meeting like this) and his knees couldn’t take much more of the abuse

he emerged, stumbling down the hall (eyes blurry, head swimming) only to use the bathroom, then it was back to blissful oblivion

sungmin was the first to check on him. after having multiple things thrown at his head (alarm clock, bedside lamp, pillow, and get the fuck out of here sungmin, but bring that back first, I need it), he decided heechul was just fine

eeteuk tried next (because he was leader, and god whydidthisalwayshappenwhentheywerebusyashell), but after receiving the same treatment as sungmin he decided to just tell the manager that heechul would be incapacitated for awhile

it was after ryeowook came back (shoulders slumped, head down, looking like he was about to cry) that siwon decided enough was enough

he crept into heechul’s room quietly so as not to disturb him (remember last time) shutting the door behind him softly. when his head did not become forcefully acquainted with any inanimate objects he decided it was safe to proceed further into the room

heechul was lying in bed, back to the door, covered so fully in blankets only the top of his head could be seen. siwon sat on the edge of his bed and shook his shoulder gently

“hyung,” siwon attempted to roll heechul over. the cocooned figure struggled to remove an arm from his (rather toasty) cavern and began flailing it blindly once it was free

“I’m alive, go away,” he groaned, catching siwon in the chest with the still waving appendage

“hyung,” (and it was amazing how one word could carry so many different meanings. the first had been questioning; the second was reproving), “when was the last time you ate?”

heechul grunted. “I don’t know. sometime.”

siwon Frowned. “hyung,” (this time a warning), “you need to eat something.” he began the arduous task of peeling the covers away from heechul’s body (hyung, stop it, you’ve been here for too long, everyone is worried and this isn’t good for you, do not bite me), eventually managing to pull heechul from the bed

when heechul’s feet met the floor, his world tilted wildly and he wondered vaguely if this is what it would feel like to live on a rollercoaster. siwon caught him before he could fall, and he sagged in siwon’s arms, hands clutching to strong shoulders, forehead rested against a wide chest

“hyung,” (worried), “I think you need to go to the hospital.”

heechul scowled. “I’m not going anywhere but back to bed.” he attempted to shove siwon away (futile effort) and settled for becoming boneless against siwon (deadweight)
siwon hands scrambled for purchase around heechul’s waist for a moment before catching and lifting heechul fully into his arms, ignoring the death glare he received. “you’re going to the hospital. after you eat something.”

heechul rested his head against the larger man’s shoulder, eyes closing as he let out a sigh. “I can’t eat anything.”

siwon’s eyebrows furrowed. “what?”

the glare returned. “I can’t eat anything,” heechul reiterated slowly, as if speaking to a small child (which, with the way siwon acted sometimes…), “it won’t stay down.”

“oh.” siwon seemed to consider his options. “then you’re going to take a shower. then go to the hospital.” and siwon wrinkled his nose, because, quite frankly, heechul smelled (like a bed of goddamn roses, because heechul would never admit to anything else)

Tags: pairing: heechul/siwon

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