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Let's stay together, forever.
Chapter: 11/20
Pairing: [main]KyuMin, [side] EunHae, Yewook, [ninja] KiMin [kibumxchangmin], SeoKyu, SiHan[maybe]
This chapter: Eunhae, MinMin[?], KyuMin, SeoKyu
Genre: Fluff, romance, friendship, brothership[?], slight!drama.
Disclaimer: I own them all~ *gets hit* Okay... Only in the story... *gets hit again* Okaay... Not at all... Just the story idea...
Summary: Sungmin and Kyuhyun are each others best friend and brother. Ever since they were little, they could never be separated. No matter where Kyuhyun went, his older brother tagged along. Just like wherever Sungmin went, the little one tagged alone. That's why they made a promise when they were little, to always stay together. But will that still be like that when they are older? Even after they both go to different schools and meet new people? Will they be able to stop their feelings from changing? And above of that, will they still be able to keep there promise?
A/N: So here is chapter 11~ Hope you will enjoy it, and i did a 'fast' update since i felt sorry for not uploading so long T___T Mianhe, again... Many people probably gave up on this fic already, but for those who didn't... THANK YOU!! And Donghae will be totally different here, than he is in front of his friends. Hope you won't be angry at me for making him so different!! And!! I decided the whole story line~ It's different than it was suppose to be, when i started this, but i forgot the real storyline... So it will be 20 chapters!! Then I will start my new fics~ And I hope to finish this one in 2 weeks!! Since I already made some notes for every chapter, so that I won't forget it this time!!

   Previous Chapter[s]: Introduction+Prologue. - Chapter 1~  - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7 - Chapter 8 - Chapter 9  - Chapter 10

Chapter 11 )
Tags: pairing: sungmin/kyuhyun

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