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Title: Snow Storm
Pairing: Heechul/Reader
Rating: NC-17
Summary: You get lost in a snow storm and Heechul saves you and brings you to a empty cabin.

A/N This is my 9th fic in my Suju/reader series, It´s a bit inspired by boys over flowers, when Geum Jandi gets lost in the snow and Gu Junpyo saves her and brings her to a empty cabin. I hope you like it ;D

You had just moved to a new city and started a new school. On your first day of school you noticed an incredibly handsome guy, seriously that guy could´ve been a model. You found out his name was Kim Heechul and he was the prince of this school. One of your classmates told you that Heechul was very cold to people he didn´t know and you found that out for yourself when you were assigned a partner project with him and he was very rude to you.

Days and weeks passed and every time you crossed paths Heechul would be very cold and you really couldn´t understand how you could´ve developed feelings for that jerk. You noticed how he was with his friends, he joked around and his smile was so mesmerizing and you wished he was like that around you.

One weekend there was a ski trip and you were really looking forward to it, you were good at skiing and were hoping to be able to get closer to Heechul. You showed all your best skills when you arrived and you had so much fun and you could notice Heechul watching you and you smiled widely.

In the evening when everyone was dancing you decided to take a walk, you weren´t a strong dancer. You had walked very far when the weather suddenly changed and it started snowing heavily so you couldn´t see where you were going. You tried to turn around but you weren´t sure what way was back and you were totally lost. You were so tired of fighting the weather and it was so cold that you fainted.

You came to your senses when someone was shaking you and calling your name. You knew that voice and you smiled and whispered Heechul before you fainted again.

When you woke up, you were in a little cabin and Heechul was lightening up the fireplace. You were freezing, your body shook like crazy and you mumbled Heechuls name. He turned around and hurried to your side “Are you okay?” he asked worried. You smiled a little, you were so happy to hear how worried he was “Just cold” you barely managed to say. He put his arms around you and pulled you closer to him.

“How did you find me?” you asked him, he shrugged “I..uhm.. Followed you” he said embarrassed. “What?” you looked at him amazed “I don´t get it, you are always so cold to me” you whispered but he obviously heard you because he added “I don´t know how not be, I´ve never liked anyone like this before”. You couldn´t hide how surprised you were “You like me?” you asked still shocked, you never thought THE KIM HEECHUL could like you. “Yes I like you” he said bluntly and looked into your eyes.

You looked at him back and you couldn´t help but smile “What?” he asked grinning, “I never thought THE KIM HEECHUL would confess to me” you said and he chuckled. To his surprise you hugged him and whispered to him “I like you too”.

He wrapped his arms tighter around you “I think I´m getting warmer” you said and you both chuckled. “I know about a faster way” he said and you could see and evil smirk on his face as he leaned in and kissed you.

You were really surprised but it felt so right and you kissed him back eager. You opened your mouth slightly to let his tongue in and your tongues entwined and you fought for dominance. You entangled your fingers in his hair and deepened the kiss and you both moaned into the kiss.

He moved his hand down your spine and you shivered at the touch, he trailed kisses down your neck and nibbled at your earlobe and left hickey´s marking you so everyone knew you were his.
You moaned and arched back at the pleasure; you moved your hands down his stomach and pulled his shirt off and caught his lips again in a heated kiss.

You trailed kisses down from his neck and down to the waistband of his pants nibbling at his skin. He arched back and moaned at your touch. He pulled your shirt off and picked you up and put you down on the sofa then he licked your skin from your jaw and to your navel.

You were panting hard and already wet. He stood up and rid himself of the rest of his clothes then he bent down and pulled your pants along with your panties then he trailed kisses from your navel and up to your breasts and pulled your bra off.

He kissed you passionately as he played with your nipples. You were both panting hard and moaning like crazy. You arched back as you felt his hard length rub against your clit and you both let out a moan.

“Heechul, I want you now” you said and kissed him softly. He stood up and got a condom from his jacked and slid it on. He moved on top of you again, looked deep in your eyes as he pushed his dick inside.

You arched back as his big length filled you and you moaned his name. You motioned him to move and he started thrusting in and out of you moaning your name. It was probably the most beautiful thing you had seen in your life, Heechul on top of you moaning your name.

You let out a loud moan as he hit your g-spot over and over again leaving you breathless. His thrusts were getting harder and faster and you were in so much pleasure it was indescribable. You were a moaning mess now and you started moving with him. It was like your bodies were made for each other because they fit together perfectly.

You could feel every inch of Heechul as he moved in and out of you moaning like crazy. You could feel the heat pooling in your stomach as your orgasm overtook you and your came hard crying out Heechuls name. He came almost at the same time spilling inside of you.

He caressed your cheek and kissed you softly before he pulled out, stood up and threw the condom in the trash. You both got dressed and sat down in the sofa again and cuddled while you waited for the storm to pass.
Tags: pairing: heechul/reader

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