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Dick Contest

Title : Dick Contest
Character : Super Junior
Pairing : hanchul, kihae, kyumin, yewook, kangteuk etc
Rating : R
genre: crack,humor
Disclaimer : I don’t have money to own the characters.. but, I own the plot.
Summary : mine is tiny? Hell no! I have the big one!

A/N : im a bit crazy when suddenly want to make this fic. It’s happen when I just read some smut fic and then suddenly a question popped out from my mind ‘who have the biggest?.’ lol. And that’s it! Make me ended with make this fic XD. I told ya~ im crazy. -,-.. crazt in love. Ah whatever. I don’t get it what im talking about. Kkkk~ ley’s just start

“well, that’s not fun. Because, someone maybe don’t want listen it,hae Let’s make a deal like this. If someone reject Donghae’s dare, that person must have sex with one of us”. Said Leeteuk lightl
Tags: subject: super junior

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