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Granted 1/3

Title: Granted 1/3
Rating: Pg-15 (note: there is a teeeeensy bit of smut in there)
Genre: Romance, Angst, slightslightslightslight!smut
Pairing: Kyumin, broken!kyumin, Kangmin, Kyuwook, Hanmin
Summary: It's not until you lose someone, do you know how important that someone was...or still is?
Word Count: 1908

OMG i'm finally back!!! Sorry the hiatus was so much longer than intended >< sorrysorrysorry!! *guiltty*
But I'm writing again ^^ won't be tooooo quick on the updates though, school is mean :(
PS. Did my writing get crappier ><? Please do tell me how I can improve :)

Here goes nothing! First attempt at angst :)

Granted 1/3 -->
Tags: pairing: sungmin/kyuhyun

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