joumie ♛ (millequatre) wrote in miracle______,
joumie ♛

departures, or thirteen will forever be thirteen

title: departures, or thirteen will forever be thirteen
pairing: none (leeteuk-centric) or hinted kangteuk
rating: pg
genre: angst, friendship, slight romance
summary: jungsu ponders about missing members and what 13 really means at all.

a/n: am not only13 n_____n 13 just has a nice ring to it, that's all ;~;

When Youngwoon first brings the matter up, Jungsu insists that enlisting into the army isn't an arbitrary decision, that he needs to have a say, but Youngwoon never listens to Jungsu when it really matters, and he doesn't start now.
Tags: subject: super junior

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