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[Fic] Ja nai!

Title: Janai~!
Rating: PG for now? ^^;;
Summary: Heechul enrolled himself in a co-ed dorm school to get his brother jaejin back...the thing is..he enrolled as a girl XD
A/N: Still in hiatus eversince my PC crashed T__T but since I got the opportunity to use someone else PC, I've decided to upload the prologue. ^__^

Ja nai~!
Prologue:the problem...

Two weeks ago...

"I;'m going back to Korea."

Kame looked at his twin like he just said he hate Disney movies. "What?"

"I'm going back to Korea." Heechul repeated.

Kame was shocked. Just three days ago, his twin called him that he's at the airport and will stay with him for life. He distinctly remembered Heechul saying he's never going back to their mother country. But then again this was heechul. The very same boy who dyed his hair bright orange then later changed it into flaming red because it doesn't match his sneakers.

"Why?" He can't help but ask.

"I've enrolled myself in Niji Private Highschool to drag Jaejin back home."

Kame nodded. No wonder Heechul's on his teukkie umma mode. It involves their youngest afterall.

"Why not let Jungmin and Heebon do it?"

"You know who Jungmin tolerates him and Heebon...even Heebon on a rampage mode failed. Desperate times calls for desperate measures."

"I see..."

"There's just one problem though..." Heechul bit his lips. Kame frowned. it's very rare to see his confident twin with hesitance.


"I...enrolled as a girl."

For the first time in his life, Kame didn't know if he should laugh and die or keep his mouth shut and preserve his life.


"You're serious?"

"I am."



"Hontou ni...?"


"Hontou ni hontou ni hontou ni..???"

"Ask me again and I'll fry your Pi-chan alive." Heechul threatened. Kame held up his hands. Bloodshed won't help them find a way for Heechul to pass as a girl. Physically, he could be mistaken as one but pretending to be a real girl and living with other girls...they really need serious help.

"I got it! I know who we can ask for help!" Kame exclaimed. Heechul looked at his brother with doubt. Who knows the extent of influence of his brother's idiotic boyfriends to Kame.

"If we're gonna ask Bakanishi or the schizo pi-chan forget it."

"No! I don't want to involve them here though."

Heechul raised his brows. He feels there's a catch on Kame's idea.

"Then who...?"

"Onnichan of course!" kame beamed while Heechul promptly hit his head.


that's about it. I'l type up the rest when I got my PC fixed. my files... 241.gif

Oh..for the character maps...can someone help me? 241.gif when my PC crashed, the maps I made was also lost...
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