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Love of the Game

chars: Sungmin, Kyuhyun
genre: fluff, PWP, a hint of crack
length: one-shot
words: 1293
rate: PG because Sungmin appreciates the word 'damn'
summary: Sungmin loves Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun loves games. Poor Sungmin.
sneak: (“We’ve been sitting here for so long that I’ve accumulated snow,” Sungmin sighed before adding, “I suggest Henry because he’s from Canada. He was built for this weather.”)

... Yes, I am on hiatus. Yes, this is how I procrastinate from doing my assignments... *sigh*...

++++ Preview: MSong, 7th Cycle - Forgotten Reflection ++++

“Those were cute kids,” Her assistant acknowledged, standing outside the studio waiting for her return, “A friend of yours?”

Taeyeon hesitated. For two years she had hid her personal life from the public, even her assistant and managers didn’t know the complete story on her. She belatedly wondered how they’d react if they ever found out she was an heiress in her own right because of her parents, or that she had been engaged for years, or that she had personal experiences with a vampire?

She sighed quietly, knowing most of the secrecy around her personal life was about to change. She smiled slyly at her assistant, “I have some news to tell you before I tell the public.”


Taeyeon slowly raised her hands and placed them protectively over her abdomen and smiled brighter than the sun.


I decided to give y'alls a preview from the 7th Cycle this time because if I kept doing so with the 6th cycle, well, y'alls would know what happened before I even posted! So, there it is...

I am on hiatus,,, but also, as this proves, I have a tendency to write when I'm procrastinating,, so I can't say this is the last post from me.. XD..



Much love to my readers!! 480K+ wouldn't have happened without you!! <3


Tags: pairing: sungmin/kyuhyun

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