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Title: I´ll make him mine
Pairing: Eunhyuk/Reader
Rating: NC-17
Summary: What happens when you catch your childhoods friends roommate watching porn?

A/N This is my 8th Suju/Reader fic in my series, I hope you like it ;D

It was your first day at university and you had a huge knot in your stomach. You were walking to the great hall when you bumped into someone. You looked up and noticed it was your childhood friend Donghae, he jumped at you and hugged you so tight that you had a hard time breathing. “Donghae what are you doing here?” you asked him surprised, he grinned “I just transferred here” he said. Donghae was a couple years older than you and he had been studying abroad so you hadn´t seen him for a while.

When the meeting in the great hall ended you and Donghae walked to your dorms together. His room was on the same floor as yours so you would be close. “Hey, I was wondering, me and my roommate are going out to dinner tonight would you liked to join us?” Donghae asked smiling widely. “I´d love to, do you think your roommate´s okay with that?” you asked and raised a brow. “Of course, I´ll pick you up at 6:30” Donhae said and skids down the hallway to his room.
You took a shower and got dressed, you were so excited both to meet Donghae´s roommate and to be able to catch up with Donghae. At 6:30 sharp there was a knock on your door, you opened it and Donghae greeted you with a hug and a huge smile.

“This is my roommate Eunhyuk” Donghae said and pointed at Eunhyuk who seemed awkward. “Hi” you both said and all you could think about what how HOT Donghae´s roommate was.

You found a nice restaurant and as you ate, you talked about a lot of things. You really liked Eunhyuk, he was hilarious, and the only problem was that he seemed to be very shy around you for some reason.

After dinner you walked back to the dorm, the guys were goofing around and you didn´t remember when was the last time you had laughed so hard.

When you were in front of your room you hugged them both earning a blush from Eunhyuk. “Thank you for an awesome evening” you said as you entered your room. When you were lying in bed you decided that no matter what you would make Eunhyuk yours.

The school week went by fast and it was Friday, you knew that Donghae had gone to visit his family and that Eunhyuk was alone in their room. You made your way to their room and found the door unlocked so you snuck inside.

Eunhyuk was sitting on his bed, obviously watching something very interesting on his computer. You sat down beside him “What are you watching?” you asked and he flinched and closed his computer as fast as he could, but not fast enough you had noticed that he had been watching porn.

‘Interesting’ you thought to yourself. “ are you doing here?” he asked very shocked. “I was bored, can I join you?” you asked innocently and he blushed. “I don´t think you´ll like this movie” he said embarrassed “Oh, I´m sure I will” you said and opened his computer.
“I never would´ve guessed you were so naughty” you said to him teasingly and he chuckled “There are a lot of things you don´t know about me” he said and pushed play.

The movie was very arousing and the room was getting very hot. You noticed a bulge in Eunhyuk´s sweatpants and you licked your lips. Very sneakily you moved your hand over his bulge and palmed it, you could feel Eunhyuk arch and his breath becoming harder.

You moved your hand down his pants and grabbed his erection; Eunhyuk let out a gasp and gripped the sheets tight. You started rubbing his length and nibbling at his neck leaving hickey´s. Eunhyuk was a moaning mess and you just loved how he reacted to your every touch.
You took the computer from his lap and put it on the desk then you sat down on Eunhyuk´s lap and kissed him softly. You both moaned into the kiss and you started rubbing your clit against his erection.

He moved you so you were lying on your back on his bed and he was on top of you. He kissed you and trailed kisses down to your neck while he pulled your shirt and bra off. You arched back letting out a moan as he started licking your nipples. You pulled his t-shirt off and attacked his neck once again trailing kisses down to his chest.

He caught your lips in a heated kiss, your tongues entwined and you didn´t break the kiss until you were both out of breath. He trailed kisses all over you as he pulled down your skirt and panties. Then he licked your clit and you arched back and panted as the pleasure hit you.
You kept moaning his name as he licked your clit and you were so close but you didn´t want to come yet so you pulled him up for a kiss and pulled down his sweatpants. He wasn´t wearing any boxers so his proud length just stood up in the air.

You gulped, he was huge. You kissed him deeply and he moaned in response as you started rubbing his dick, the precum already leaking from it.

He got a condom from his desk and slid it on, and then he positioned himself at your entrance and pushed in. It felt so good, being filled by Eunhyuk´s dick and you were already panting like crazy.

He started thrusting in and out of you in a slow pace, too slow for your taste. You started moving with him, pushing him further into you and he cursed and moaned out your name in ecstasy.

You arched back and cried out as he hit your g-spot and you felt your eyes go blurry at the sensation. He hit your spot over and over again bringing you closer to the edge. You could feel that he was close to, because his thrusts were getting faster and harder and he was panting like crazy.

You wrapped your arms tighter around him as you reached your climax. The pleasure overtook you and your body shook and you yelled out Eunyuk´s name.

He thrust a few more times before he came hard inside you, crying out your name. He pulled himself out, got rid of the condom and pulled you close to him. “You really know how to surprise people, this was amazing” you said to him as you snuggled closer to him. He chuckled beside you and kissed your forehead “Yeah, I´m full of surprises” he said and you both fell asleep.
Tags: pairing: eunhyuk/reader

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