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Title: Going to the vet
Pairing: Yesung/Reader
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Yesung takes Ddangkoma to the vet.

A/N This is my 7th Suju/Reader fic in my series, I hope you like it ;D

You had just gotten your veterinarians permit and it was your first day at your new job as a vet. You were so excited, this had always been your dream and you really loved animals. You were just sitting in your office when your secretary came and said you had a customer. You told her to show him in.

In walked this super-hot guy, his eyes were swollen and he was holding a turtle in his hand. “Hi, what can I do for you?” you asked and he took your hand “My name is Yesung and Ddangkoma, my turtle seems to be sick. He doesn´t eat or drink and he hardly comes out of his shell” Yesung said sadly. “Let´s take a look” you said and took the turtle from his hands and started examining it.

After a while, you had come to the conclusion that the turtle just needed more nutritious food. You wrote down a name of food that Yesung should buy for Ddangkoma and handed it to him. He took it from you “Thank you so much” he said and shook your hand. As he did he looked into your eyes and you could sense something, there was some connection between the two of you. “You´re welcome and if there´s anything else just ask” you said and then he left.
The day after he was back again. “Is Ddangkoma still sick?” you asked him as you glanced at the turtle in his hand. “No, this time it´s Ddangkomi” he said and handed you the turtle. You looked at the turtle carefully but you couldn´t see that anything was wrong, it looked perfectly healthy. “There´s nothing wrong with Ddangkomi” you said and handed Yesung the turtle again. He sighted “Thank god” he said “Thank you so much again” he added then he waved as he closed the door behind him. You were left thinking, why would he come back with a perfectly healthy turtle?

That night you dreamt a very wet dream about Yesung and you woke up all covered in sweat and your breath hard. As you got ready to go to work you couldn´t stop thinking about that dream.
When an hour had passed of your shift, Yesung walked in once again and of course with a turtle in his hand. “Hi” he said and you returned his greeting, “This is Ddangkoming, and I just wanted to bring him here to make sure that he´s okay” Yesung said and you noticed that he kept his eyes on you the whole time. You were starting to sweat and the room suddenly became very hot. Your mind wandered back to that dream and you had to shake yourself out of it. You took the turtle and noticed immediately that there was nothing wrong with it. “He´s perfectly fine” you said smiling and handed Yesung his turtle back. Yesung took you off guard when instead of shaking your hand like he usually did he hugged you. The hug felt so good and so warm that you didn´t want to let go of him. He waved as he walked out and smiled at you happily.

The next day at the same time as usual, Yesung came but there was one change, instead of a turtle he had a gray cat in his arms. “Hi” he said smiling, “Hi, did you run out of turtles?” you asked chuckling at the cat in Yesungs arms who was struggling to get free. “Yes, this is my friends cat and he seemed sick so I offered to take him to the vet” Yesung said.

Then the door was burst open and in came a very angry Kim Heechul. “YESUNG, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING WITH MY HEEBUM?” Heechul literally yelled at Yesung. “Heebum looked sick so I decided to take him to the vet” Yesung answered innocently. “Yah, I can see why” Heechul said as he noticed you “So this is why you´ve been going to the vet everyday” he added teasingly. “Yes” Yesung said bluntly and you could feel your heart beat faster, had he just admitted that he came here to see you? “I´m taking Heebum with me thank you” Heechul said and grabbed Heebum from Yesungs arms, shoved Yesung at you so he ended pinning you to the wall then he stormed out.

You just stood there, Yesung pinning you to the wall and you could hear his breath becoming harder. You couldn´t deny it you were seriously turned on and you pulled Yesung in for a kiss. At first the kiss was gentle and sweet then it became more passionate and full of need and desire.

Yesung ran his fingers down your side and wrapped his arms around your waist to deepen the kiss. You moaned into the kiss as you nudged at his crotch. When you broke the kiss to take a deep breath, you took of your white robe and then you entangled your fingers in his hair and pulled him in for another kiss.

Yesung pulled your shirt and bra off and ran his hands over your breasts as he nibbled at your neck. It felt so good that you were already wet and you could feel that he was hard. You moved against him as he nibbled at your nipples and you both moaned at the sensation.
You pulled his shirt of, ran your fingers over his abs and then you trailed kisses form his jaw and to his neck, nibbling here and there leaving hickey´s on his skin. His moans got you really off and you unbuckled his pants and pulled them down along with his boxers.
You bent down and licked his length, he arched back and gripped the wall tight so he wouldn´t fall as you started sucking his dick. You sucked hard and took his length in as far as you could manage.

He was so close that he pulled you up for a sloppy kiss as he pulled down your skirt and panties. As he kissed your neck he started rubbing your clit and you gripped his back tight and arched back to the wall as the pleasure hit you. You moaned out some incoherent words.
“Yesung” you said and he looked at you “please, fuck me” you begged and kissed him passionately. He grabbed a condom from the pocket of his jacket that was hanging on the wall and slid it on. Slowly he entered you and you arched back at the feeling of being filled. “God, you´re so tight” he moaned out in your ear and you moaned in response.

He started thrusting in and out of you and you moved along with him. The room was hot, full of pants and moans. Your lips met once again and you moaned into the kiss. His thrusts became faster and harder and you arched back and let out a loud moan as he hit your g-spot.
He angled himself so he would hit that spot in every thrust and you thought this would be it for you. “Yesung, I´m so close” you moaned out and you came hard yelling his name. “God you´re so hot” he said as his orgasm overtook him and he came hard inside you calling out your name.

You stayed in each other´s arms, trying to catch your breaths and kissing softly. You helped each other getting dressed “When´s your shift over?” Yesung asked as he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you close to him. You glanced at the clock “It´s over now” you said. “Can I take you to lunch?” he asked and you nodded and kissed him. He led you out of the office and you headed to a restaurant.
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