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(fic) super junior, henry/justin bieber, pg-13

Tags: pairing: henry/other, with: justin beiber

  • What If...

    Title: What If... Pairing: EunHae / KangTeuk / MinDong / SiBum / KRY / HanChul Rating: G Wordcount: 650 Summary: What if Super Junior were…

  • Shadow Side of Me Ch. 2

    Title: Shadow Side of Me Ch. 2 Characters: Yesung, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Park Jooryo (OC), the rest of Super Junior members. Pairing: Yewon,…

  • LeiS Chapter 12 and Kyusung (1/2)

    Title:Light Even in Shadows - Chapter 12 final Pairing: Kyusung/KRY, Hanchul, Eunhae, Kangtuek Rating: PG-13ish Disclaimer: I'm from…

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