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15 January 2011 @ 11:35 pm
I’ll always be here, Master (KiHae chaptered 9/9)  
Title : I’ll always be here, Master (KiHae chaptered 9/9)
Pairings : Kihae (main).
Others: Kyuwook, SiChul, Onew >< Minho. Slightly Hanmin
Rating : PG 15
Summary : Due the poorness of his family, Donghae sacrificed himself to be sold as a slave for the Kims family. But he made too much mistakes, which brought him to be punished, which later brought him to meet the cold hearted Kim Kibum. What would happen next between the slave and the youngest Young Master of the family?

a/n : silent readers, please do comments ^^ comments just make me happy… soooo happy. Anyway, anybody could tell me the name of the show where Donghae said that he’s awkward with Sungmin? Thanks a lot ^^

Kibum didn’t like the idea that there were bad people who saw his Donghae’s body. He would make sure that they would pay for that.