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[oneshot] Winner Takes All

 Title: Winner Takes All

Pairing: KangWon

Rating: R!

Warning: derogatory language, sortof!Sex scene! Highschool AU! OOC (I want to break the stereotypes!)

Summary: Siwon is the new kid in school, awkward and gangly limbed, he can't seem to take his eyes off one student.

He immediately caught his attention the moment Choi Siwon transferred to his school and became his classmate. Kim Youngwoon was not, at least for Siwon, someone that one could easily look over. There was this certain air that he carried, an air of aloofness and a sort of emptiness; the way he stared out the window from his seat at the back from how he would sit by himself during lunch ignoring the jeers and insults their classmates would throw at him. Siwon, your average awkward high school student, would suddenly just find himself staring at this loner.

Though he was neither exactly short nor girly looking, Siwon observed that Youngwoon was always the center of all their classmates’ jeers and teasing. Siwon noticed that even if the insults of their classmates would spark a certain flare into Youngwoon’s eyes, he would never react, instead choosing to ignore the bullies, something Siwon found slightly disturbing but tried to ignore nonetheless and instead tried to focus on making his way through high school, although rather awkwardly.

One day Siwon was in the corridor, on the way back from carrying papers to the faculty room when he suddenly heard the familiar laughter and jeers of his classmates coming from a deserted classroom. Worried that Youngwoon was actually being beaten, Siwon decided to crack the door open, only to be faced with the mortifying sight of the main bully in front of Youngwoon with his pants down and Youngwoon’s head between his legs, giving him a blowjob.

“Yeah suck it like the filthy whore you are.” The main bully, who’s name escaped Siwon right now, grunted, pushing Youngwoon’s head further down his manhood, making the other boy gag. Siwon, coming from a well-to-do Christian family was shocked at the bully’s treatment to his classmate. He wanted to walk away, pretend that he didn’t see anything, but to his dismay, he found himself rooted to the spot, completely captivated at how beautiful Youngwoon was on his knees. Siwon first noticed Youngwoon’s smooth and pale face, dusted lightly with freckles and a pretty blush as he continued to suck the bully off with his pink lips. He also noted that Youngwoon’s eyes were closed, as if trying to concentrate at the job at hand, as his pretty pink lips were stretched around his other classmate’s length, his black eyes were closed, revealing surprisingly long charcoal lashes that rested on his pink cheeks. Kim Youngwoon was beautiful.

Siwon continued to watch his classmate perform fellatio on his other classmate, his pants growing uncomfortably tight in the process when he noticed that the bully, who went by the name of Jung In, roughly pulled Youngwoon off of him, revealing an abnormally large penis that was an angry purple with pre-come dripping off those wonderful lips. Siwon continued to stare, enraptured at the whole act when he suddenly realized that Jung In was flipping the already naked Youngwoon on to his stomach. He was going to rape him! Siwon got it into his senses that he had to save his classmate from such an act of defilement.

“Y-Yah! What are you doing?! Get off of him you pervert!” Siwon cried, bursting into the room and utilizing his lanky limbs to beat up Jung In, who in turn, fled, leaving a somewhat surprised Youngwoon in his flight. Once Jung In vacated the room, Siwon locked eyes with Youngwoon, who simply stared at him with dull eyes in spite of the feverish complexion and gets back on to his stomach, facing his ass towards a dumfounded Siwon.

“Well? What are you waiting for? Winner takes all” Youngwoon whispered, looking back at Siwon with a bored expression.

Siwon’s eyes bugged out after he heard what his classmate was offering, incapable of answering such a request.

As Siwon just sat there, shocked and unmoving, Youngwoon got up from his position. “If you want to play it that way, I’ll make it easier for you.” He rolled his eyes and proceeded to unbuckle Siwon’s pants. “W-wait what are you doing?!” Siwon squeaked, finally snapping out of his reverie and made an attempt to move away, but to no avail as Youngwoon was straddling his hips and gave his half erect penis a few pumps before slowly lowering himself on to Siwon’s waiting dick.

Siwon’s eyes involuntarily rolled to the back of his head at the incredible tightness. He tried to will himself down, and talk Youngwoon out of it and become friends instead. But all those plans simply flew out the window as Youngwoon was fully seated on Siwon’s lap, it was no help either that Youngwoon’s breath was hitting Siwon’s neck in warm huffs. The whole thing felt like a dream as Youngwoon started to ride him for all he was worth, eliciting a few moans from Siwon himself. And Christ, Siwon thought, Youngwoon’s throaty moans and groans were like melody to his lust fogged mind. The whole event ended with Youngwoon pulling himself off of Siwon, who was just about ready to explode and started to suck him while jerking himself off. In spite of the partial participation of his dick, Siwon simply sat and stared through the whole ordeal.

After they both ejaculated, Siwon into Youngwoon’s mouth and Youngwoon into his own hand, Youngwoon looked up at Siwon who still made no move to tuck himself back into his pants as would their other classmates would do after having their way with him. Youngwoon poked Siwon’s stomach, finally snapping him out of whatever world he was floating in. “You do realize that you don’t just sit there like a zombie when you’re fucking someone right?” Youngwoon asked, eyebrow raised, looking directly into Siwon’s eyes. “I d-d-did what?” Siwon squeaked, the realization of what actually happened a few moments ago finally sinking in.

“OHMYGOD I AM SO SORRY I RAPED YOU I’M NO BETTER THAN THAT JUNG IN GUY PLEASE KILL ME NOW.” Siwon blubbered, encasing a very surprised Youngwoon into a bear hug, asking for forgiveness.

“You seriously had no intention of fucking me, did you?” Youngwoon asked, pulling on whatever was left of his uniform.

“Of course not! Sexual harassment is bad! You don’t do it to anyone, especially your peers!” Siwon exclaimed, shocked at the way Youngwoon thought.

“Huh. You’re a strange one. You’re that new kid right? What was your name again?” the teen, now clad in his pants (his jacket and shirt were ripped off by Jung In) asked, cocking his head to the side which was something Siwon found extremely adorable, not that he would admit it.

“It’s Siwon. Choi Siwon. And you’re Kim Youngwoon, right?” Siwon asked awkwardly, blushing and looking elsewhere.

“You’re strange. I like it, meet me later after class?” Youngwoon offered Siwon his hand and for the first time Siwon saw Youngwoon grinning.

After the whole incident, Siwon and Youngwoon became inseparable, doing everything together and spending as much time as they could with the other. Classmates would find them walking together, eating together, even accompanying the other for a haircut. Jung In and all the other bullies stopped teasing Youngwoon as they were all aware what Siwon and his bundle of limbs could do to them, taking Jung In as an example.

But in spite of this, Siwon remained awkward around the quiet boy, who’s facial expression was always blank. Sure they talked, but Youngwoon would never smile or grin like he did when he offered his hand to Siwon.

One day, as they were walking home together, Youngwoon finally decided to confront Siwon about his awkwardness. “What’s up with awkwardness, I could feel it miles away!” he asked quietly, cornering Siwon in one of the back allies they’d use on their way home.

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Siwon stuttered, looking up instead of directly at Youngwoon who was staring intently at him with his dark orbs.

“That doesn’t seem like a nothing. Spit it out already. I thought we were friends.” Youngwoon said quietly.

Though Youngwoon was not one to display his emotions, Siwon picked up the feeling of hurt evident in his friend’s quiet statement.

“You are my friend! But now I don’t want to be your friend…”Siwon trailed off quietly, finally looking Youngwoon straight in the eyes, the dark orbs had dimmed at his last statement as he began to turn abruptly away and run. Siwon grabbed his arm in time and finally let it out, “I like you okay??! I want to be more than friends with you…” he whispered blushing.

Youngwoon didn’t turn around for a long time. They both stayed in that position for what seemed like eternity. He hates me, Siwon thought miserably, finally letting go of Youngwoon’s arm and proceeded to walk. But then he would have continued on his way if not for his arm being the one grabbed this time. He was spun to face a surprisingly smirking Youngwoon. “Those assholes may have taken almost everything from me, my virginity, my dignity…” he began, “but at least they left me one thing, this.” He finished covering Siwon’s lips with his own. It was a short and sweet kiss, something like a peck. “Stupid fuck, when I said winner takes all, I meant that you can have my heart too.” Youngwoon whispered against Siwon’s lips, those lovely dark orbs shining brightly and proceeded to deepen their kiss.


A/N: GAH FIRST SEX SCENE AND I AM SO SORRY IF TEH WHOLE FLOW SEEMED AWKWARD D: But I hope you guys like it. I decided to portray Kangin as a slightly feminine character since he’s always the burly muscle man… Siwon also deviates from his usual image of perfection.. lol I am breaking stereotypes XD hope you enjoyed it! ^^
Tags: pairing: kangin/siwon

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