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Blackmail Chapter 4

For anyone who even remembers this fic. =.=;;; I apologize greatly. I was searching for the third chapter... did you know after going about 400 entries back it just gives you the days? I didn't...

Title: Blackmail
Author: Redeim
Rating: PG-13/R for sexual suggestions and talk
Pairing: HeeChul just being his gay self in general. =.= <3
Summary: HeeChul’s past. The reason he never lets anyone get real close to him is because of a bad past experience: blackmail
Not his real past. =/
Link to Chapters 1-3
Note: This is the last chapter. I'm sorry I wait this long only to give you an ending that kinda... fails D:

Chapter 4

    So close… HeeChul subconsciously reached a hand out to the desk where the computer was taunting him by showing a scanned image of the pictures MinRi had shown him months before. MinRi had gone to the bathroom and left HeeChul in the bigger man’s room. He slid down in the desk chair more and let out a sigh. His crossed his arms over his bare chest. I’m tired of this. He growled in his mind. Give me five minutes and I could burn all the printed photos and delete the ones on the computer. He growled softly as he heard the door open, but didn’t turn to the other. MinRi pulled him around, spinning the chair and a listless HeeChul with it. The younger man looked up at MinRi using only his eyes, a strange mixture of defeat and challenge in the boy’s eyes. MinRi smiled at him. “What’s wrong princess?” He cooed. HeeChul let out a louder growl at the other’s nickname, wondering if he’d ever get used to being called “princess” again.
    MinRi smirked at the other man. “You’ve given up already?” He teased, a finger gliding down HeeChul cheek, giving the smaller boy chills. HeeChul slid further down in the chair to get away from the touch. “What choice do I have?” HeeChul whined, and MinRi’s smile widened and he pat the other on the shoulder, “you don’t,” he replied maliciously. HeeChul sunk further in his chair, his bottom half way off the seat.
MinRi looked to the computer screen and smiled. “Ah… That’s what you were looking at,” he teased, going over to the computer. “Do you miss him?”
“You’re ex-boyfriend.” MinRi replied.
“We stopped talking a few months ago, like you wanted me to…” HeeChul replied evenly. MinRi’s smile widened even more, and HeeChul couldn’t help but be reminded of the Cheshire Cat form Alice in Wonderland.
“Good boy,” MinRi replied, ruffling HeeChul’s hair. The younger boy pulled his head away as if to say “don‘t touch the hair”.

As the hours dragged on, HeeChul let his mind wander and he came to realize something…
“MinRi?” He asked, making the other pause from his actions.
“What is it?” MinRi replied, annoyed.
“Why do you have sex with me every chance you get?” MinRi pulled away, looking at HeeChul curiously, and the teen felt a sudden unfamiliar control against his enemy.
“Do you like me or something? Is this your way to try to get me to like you?” HeeChul laughed as he felt himself gaining the upper hand. “No one who hates someone as much as we hate each other would want it so much from them.” He growled, a small laugh escaping his throat.
MinRi’s face was filled with anger as he smacked HeeChul across the face. “Don’t even dare accuse me of liking you!”
“Or is it that you’re gay also, and can’t bring yourself to cope with it? So you take it out on me?” HeeChul pressed on. MinRi slapped him again. “Shut up!” He yelled. HeeChul let out more of a laugh. “It stopped hurting MinRi. I’m done with you. You made me break up with the love of my life, I’ve been lying too much to my family, I’m not the same. I’m done being vulnerable. Tell my parents, but you have to beat me to it.” He told the other, the old fire back in his eyes, plus some more.
HeeChul pulled his clothes back on, leaving a stunned MinRi, and taking the photos off the computer desk.

Once outside and away from the house, HeeChul crouched down, numbly flipping through the photos. Taking out a lighter, he lit the pictures and put it onto the cement. There were still the digital pictures, but that’s okay. HeeChul had been researching, if worse came to worse, he’d tell the principal to look at the source of where the pictures were printed. The fire slowly died down as the wind blew the ashes around.

Opening the door to his home, HeeChul was immediately confronted by his older sister.
“W…What is it?” HeeChul asked nervously.
“I’m beginning to wonder myself… HeeChullie… You haven’t been the same. What’s wrong?” She asked sincerely, putting an arm on her brother’s shoulder. HeeChul gave her a sincere smile, “Nothing. Everything will be better now.” He told her. She sighed, but gave a small smile.
“Hey sis?” HeeChul started, letting out a nervous sigh. “Where’s mom?” HeeJin pointed to their parents room. “Why?” She asked, furrowing her eyebrows. HeeChul shook his head, feeling his heart race as he walked to the room.
Knocking lightly on the door, he called out “mother?” before stepping in, happy to see she was in a good mood… for now.
“What is it honey?” She asked, turning around in her chair.
HeeChul took a deep breath before sitting in the other chair next to her desk. He let out a nervous laugh before saying, “Where do I begin… umm…” He scratched the back of his head before running his fingers through his hair and letting out a sigh. “I have some things to admit to you.” He finally told her. His mother waited patiently, eyebrows furrowed but not saying anything. HeeChul tried again. “MinRi… Isn’t my friend. He never was. We’ve been enemies since we met in middle school…” HeeChul shook his head and muttered something about that not being where he wanted to start off.
“Mom… I… I like guys…” HeeChul took another breath as his mother let out a small gasp. He looked up at her. “I’m gay.” He admitted, and though he could only predict what was coming next, he felt better already. “MinRi caught my boyfriend-”
“You’ve already had a boyfriend?” His mother interrupted. HeeChul nodded slowly. His mother lowered her head, letting him continue. “He caught my boyfriend and I umm… doing some things…”
“What things?”
“umm… just some things that made it obvious we were a couple…” HeeChul replied, avoiding the true question. He ran a hand through his hair again and cleared his throat. “MinRi took pictures… and… for the last few months… he’s been blackmailing me with them because I told him I couldn’t tell you or dad…” He looked away, waiting for his punishment for something that couldn’t just be punished out of him.
His mother looked at her son, completely stunned at what she was told. “HeeChul…” The boy looked up. “Are you hurt at all?” HeeChul furrowed his eyebrows, completely confused.
“What?” He asked dimly. His mother brought him into a hug. “How could you let that happen?”
“I… Didn’t want to tell you… I saw what happened when dongsaeng mentioned even thinking he liked a guy… I was afraid it would happen to me. Only worse… since I knew I was gay…” HeeChul looked away as his mother pulled back, observing him. “Honey… I just don’t know what to say…” She admitted sadly. HeeChul glanced up at her and she hugged him again. “What did you think would happen to you?” She asked him softly. HeeChul shrugged slightly. “I don’t know… getting disowned?” He tried. Mrs. Kim sighed, “I’ll admit I don’t know what to do… was it something I did wrong raising you..? I don’t know…”
“It wasn’t that mother…” He interrupted.
She bit her lip. “How do I deal with this?” She shook her head before continuing. “But what I’m trying to say is… I would never… ever let something like this push my babies away from my life. I’m not going to shove you three out into the world before you’re ready. HeeChul let out a smile, of relief, true happiness, or just from the love his mother was giving him right now, he wasn’t sure.
He looked up as his mother stood up. “How long was MinRi blackmailing you for? It’s been a couple months, hasn’t it?” She asked, worried. HeeChul nodded slowly, looking away from her again.
“Honey… never let something like this hurt you again.” She told her oldest son with a hug. HeeChul nodded slowly.


HeeChul flipped his hair back. “SungMin and I barely even talk to each other.” He told LeeTeuk.
They were trying to figure out the fandoms.
LeeTeuk shook his head and shrugged. “I guess you two goof off enough to be paired up.” LeeTeuk replied. HeeChul sighed and slunk into his chair. “So ShiWon, HanKyung, DongHae, yourself, KangIn, KiBum… who else…?” HeeChul waved a hand through the air, “that isn’t enough? Everyone knows KyuMin is the real thing. And ShiKyung.”
“What about the KyuWook fans?” LeeTeuk challenged.
“What about the RyeoMin fans?” HeeChul challenged back.
“Do you know what I’ve been seeing a lot of?”
“Henry’s whore-ness with couples?” HeeChul replied monotonally. They both glanced over at the Canadian boy, and LeeTeuk gave a small nod.
“Did the same thing happen when we got KyuHyun?” LeeTeuk asked, trying to remember. HeeChul shrugged as he saw, as he liked to call them, his lovers come in, and he promptly ditched LeeTeuk.
“ShiWon~” HeeChul cooed, latching on to the younger man’s arm. ShiWon laughed nervously as he glanced at HanKyung and HeeChul chuckled. Looking at Han, he told the taller man, “don’t worry, I won’t make him cheat on you,” he smiled as HanKyung blushed furiously and muttered things in Chinese. “Korean!” He yelled after HanKyung.
“Why do you always pick me to latch onto?” ShiWon whined playfully. HeeChul let his head rest on his shoulder. “Why not?” He challenged. “You’re comfy. And hot.” He admitted, and ShiWon blushed a bright shade of red. HeeChul poked his cheek. “And I can easily make you blush.” HeeChul said with a laugh.
ShiWon sighed and glanced at HeeChul, the younger man flashing a bit of challenge at the second oldest. “So then you and JunJin must be doing well?” He shot back, and HeeChul stopped in his tracks.
“Of… Of course we are.” HeeChul replied, flipping his hair out of his face. ShiWon laughed lightly. “Alright… if you say so…”
“What’s that mean?” HeeChul growled. ShiWon shrugged, “He’s using you, HeeChul… isn’t it a crime to be worried about you?”
HeeChul took a breath and kicked at the ground. “He complimented me the other day… and we went to go see a movie together… things are getting better…” He told ShiWon. The younger man nodded, glad to see his friend wasn’t being hurt anymore.
“Maybe that sudden break up you were going to give him made him realize.” He guessed.
HeeChul smiled and nodded, crawling onto ShiWon’s lap as he sat down, just to see HanKyung’s reaction.

Yeah… Sorry this took so long. >.<;;;
An idea finally hit me this morning… the ending is kinda… sucky… but hey… I have now introduced all of you to JunChul.
*laughs manically*
And some playful ShiChul… my first ever couple. Ha ha~ no seriously. When still learning their names, ShiWon was “that guy that’s always next to HeeChul, he must be HeeChul’s lover! 8D”
And some not-so-ninja ShiKyung. Woo hoo~ <3
Tags: pairing: heechul/everyone
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