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20 December 2010 @ 11:09 pm
The Elenchus Method  
Title: The Elenchus Method
Pairing: Sungmin/OC if you squint really hard.
Rating: Pg-13, to be safe.
Notes: Sometimes, the only way to find the truth is to be in a state of confusion. Sometimes, the only way to know what you love is to be questioned to the very foundations. Sometimes, the nature of Love itself is something you never thought it would be.

Chapter 1:

Delectable computations were sprawled out across a vast marbled sea of mahogany wood to created a network of words thrown away carelessly by the slowly rusting gears of an eclectic brain. Spidery fingers danced across carefully selected words printed on ivory paper, fingering the invisible threads of loves, hates, lives, deaths, and art. Deep brown eyes framed by long lashes and pale skin blinked occasionally after staring at cryptic foreign symbols for extended periods of time. His platinum bleached hair blended almost seamlessly into his flawless skin. Pearly teeth gnawed at the edge of ruby red lips while a free hand made marks across blank paper in a seemingly erratic fashion. The room was silent enough to hear his brain working, the slow clicking of gears making progress as invisible lyrics came from beyond horizontally blinded windows.

Music danced from his whirring thoughts to paper, flowing out from the inkwell of his pen to the smooth ivory sheets before him. Scattered about his legs were the crumpled ink stained flowers of previous failures. He was in full concentration mode, on the point of an epiphany, the tic, tic, tic which echoed throughout the room from a mounted clock became a metronome for him, a constant one second beat which he worked to, grasping at the floating notes above his head from the realm of which only he could see. He could feel the fleeting notes in his head, taunting him to write them down, engrave them forever into song. He was so close to perfecting the art which had eluded him for days now.

Suddenly, a gentle tapping from the door echoed through the sparsely decorated room, puncturing the concentrated atmosphere. A rapid succession of shuffling papers and colorful curses when a stray cut from an unsuspecting sheet came across soft, giving flesh were uttered from his lips whilst he scrambled to get everything into order.

“Who is it?” He asked gruffly after finally regaining composure, sucking on the crimson drops of life liquid slowly oozing from between his thumb and forefinger.

“It's your best hall mate in the world, Kyuhyun. We just got an emergency call from our manager, apparently we've got another shooting for our new music video. Someone lost the last reel of film.” He shuffled to the door and flung it open with his uninjured hand, grumbling inwardly the whole time, literally, he could feel his blood pressure rise from the recent turn of events.

“How much time before we have to get into the cars?”

“ Five... minutes?” Kyuhyun muttered looking down at his watch and checking their deadline.
“WHY DIDN'T YOU COME AND GET ME SOONER?!” Sungmin screeched, dashing over towards his closet to find some sort of decent clothing seeing as his choice clothing to write music in was his worn pastel pajamas.

“ Well, last time we tried to disturb you when you were having 'concentration time,' you nearly took off Ryowook's head.”

“ I was in a bad mood.” Sungmin grumbled, throwing on the first decent smelling shirt he had and proceeded to find the first pair of decent jeans laying on the floor.

“Whatever you say... grab a jacket too, it's cold outside.”

“Lovely... just lovely...”

It was the sort of weather which beckoned one to curl up under a warm blanket and a large mug of hot chocolate or tea along with a good read, or in Sungmin's case, his unsolved musical puzzle. It wasn't winter quite yet, though fall was well on its way to being over. There were the last few stubborn leaves which refused to turn into their respectable autumn colors, clinging onto their last breaths of crisp fall air. Puffs of instantly frozen breath came from thirteen tired, sleepy young men as they trekked out of their apartment complex before coming into view a set of five waiting, hastily warmed, cars to bring them to their ultimate destination.

The car ride was a silent one. The sort of silence which was achieved by every member in the car being half asleep and dozing off or looking out the window with an impassive face. As soon as Sungmin buckled himself into his seat, he pulled his knees up to his chest, wrapping his arms around them and leaned against the door to try and get as much rest as he possibly could. He was peeved to say the least to have found out the film the group had worked so hard to get right just two days before had been lost. Seeing as the new choreography for their newest album was, vigorous at best, the only thing on his mind at that point was sleeping as much as possible before having to get dressed, primmed, prettied and dolled to the point where he felt his own face wasn't his own anymore.

I wonder what will happen to our day off today... I hope we get it back... I'm too tired to do anything else but laze...

His melancholic thoughts echoed through his mind lazily as he tried his best to fall asleep in the position he was in. His cheek rested against the rough denim fibers of his knees while his mind wandered off to a land where five lines ran across his vision in a frolic of sharps and flats. The gentle back and forth rocking of the traveling vehicle lulled him to a slumber where he could half meditate and half concentrate on the music which had been plaguing his mind for days now.

Dance like the wind.... across a sheet of happiness made of lemongrass and yellow roses. Smile, just once for me...like the second blooming of wisterias.

Words that made no sense to him at the time, just pretty words at the time, but there was a sort of meaning to them, somewhere deep inside, he just knew it. All that was left was to figure out what it meant to him as a person.

Something like... love.... the simple kind, something that just makes me warm inside because she's alright... something like... when she smiles, my whole world seems to be in technicolor, something like... something that I'll never have in this life style...

His silent musings continued through the whole car ride, each thought along the same thoughts as the last, each sentence making more sense to him, each asymmetrical piece of the lyrics slowly forming in his mind and creating poetry that none of the members had ever read.

The silence of the car ride was broken suddenly by the prolonged stopping of the car, the simple words “we're here” and the cold northern wind that blew into the car as soon as the door was opened. Shaking off the cobwebs of sleep from his brain and wiping away the lace of slumber from his eyelids, Sungmin followed the rest of the members into the gloomy, gray shooting set and mentally prepared himself for an exhausting day.

Somewhere deep inside, Sungmin knew he wasn't getting his day off back.