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Rumours and Roses (Chapter 10)

Title: Rumours and Roses
Chapter: 10
Pairing: Kibum/Kyuhyun, broken!Kibum/Kyuhyun, Kyumin(main, but not yet), many others to come...
Rating: pg
Summary: Kuhyun is one of the most popular guys in school, until a romour gets out and the entire school turns on him. That isexcept for the new kid who loves pink.
Warnings: character death
P.S. Comments make my heart go WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* For the other's on my masterlist


               “Hey, maybe this is your chance to tell Sungmin.” Zhou mi said.

               “Yeah,” Kyuhyun smiled “Maybe…” he said as he trailed off into his thoughts.

                Zhou Mi glanced at his cell phone, “It’s six thirty, and we really should get home...”

               “Yeah,” the two took their bags and started their way home.

               “Oh! Since this is the last day of school anyway, interesting information, Heechul’s gay…” Zhou Mi expected Kyuhyun to be shocked or angered because of the hypocrisy.

               “I know…” Kyuhyun said calmly.

               “What?! You know?!”

               “Yeah, Jaejoong told me…”

               “Huh? Then why didn’t you tell anyone?” Zhou Mi quirked an eyebrow.

               “Well… I'm not about to do something to someone, when it has been done to me and I know it hurts.” He shrugged.

               “Wow…” Zhou Mi said in awe, looking at his friend in a new light.

               “But I really feel bad for Hankyung though....”


Jaejoong’s eyes darted across the room that was filled with the laughs and chattering of teenagers, as the night came alive for the most of the upper part of the high school social hierarchy. He glanced at the music system that was blaring a familiar tune, high end and expensive. Jaejoong’s lips quirked up in small smile, sound that can’t be faked. Coming from a wealthy family Jaejoong could tell the difference from the real stuff from something bought from the back of a truck, which as much as it may try to look and sound like the original would never measure up.

He scoffed as he looked around the room, one of the girls he remembered, Changmin introduced to him as Jessica stood in one corner talking, or seemingly complaining, as a few other girls huddled around her, listening attentively. He glanced at the her inappropriately short dress and snickered as he noticed another girl standing to the side of their group pulling down her equally short skirt with an uncomfortable look on her face. Though he did pity the girl, he had seen much worse things that people had done to get in to the ‘in crowd’. But it was a shame, she was cute.

                His thoughts were cut short, as a very welcome distraction walked up to him, two bottle of beer in hand.


“No, I’m fine.” Jaejoong smiled as he took the beer that Yunho held out. “Thanks…” Yunho leaned back on the wall beside Jaejoong and looked around.

“It’s kind of like a ritual, we’ve been having a party here at the end of every school year for a few years now. Changmin’s folks are here very rarely at this time of the year, and with a bribe the house keeping closes their eyes to the fact that there is alcohol.” Jaejoong nodded as his eyes scanned the living room of the mansion.

                “He’s got a nice place…”

                “Yeah…” Yunho nodded. Jaejoong’s lips quirked up in to a smile as an idea formed in his head

                “So, I didn’t know that Changmin had girlfriend until you introduced me to Jessica… so, is there anyone you’ll be introducing me to?” Jaejoong watched bemusedly as Yunho chuckled awkwardly and scratched his head, it was enduring, really. Sexy Yunho would forever haunt his dreams but awkward shy Yunho was loved too.

               “… w-well, n-n-not r-really…”

               “Oh… too bad,” he said sounding honestly regretful “I was looking forward finding out what you ‘type’ is.” Yunho chuckled awkwardly, again, at lost of anything to do or say. Jaejoong smirked and looked back in to the crowd as a tall dark and handsome young man made his way towards the two.

               “Hey Yunho!~ how long has it been man?” the young man said. Jaejoong saw recognition flicker across the others face.

               “Hey Teac! Wow, I didn’t expect to see you here. I thought you went to the states a while ago.” The other boy shrugged.

               “Yeah… I just got back a few weeks ago… you know exams and shit… so how you been?”

               “Good” he glanced at Jaejoong, “Oh Jaejoong this is Teacyeon, he goes to J.Y.P, and Teac this is Jaejoong he’s new at S.M.”

                “Nice to meet you Jaejoong~” Teacyeon smiled widely and extended a hand.

               “Same.” Jaejoong smiled and shook hands. Teacyeon turned back to Yunho.

               “Oh and Yunho, look man I just wanted to make sure, we’re cool right? You know about the whole thing with Yoona.” Yunho glanced at Jaejoong before turning back to Teacyeon.

               “Of course not, you guys would make a good couple.”

               “Thanks man!”

               Jaejoong smiled, and wondered if Yunho was actually that forgiving, or if he didn’t care, or if that statements had…other motives. He sipped the last drop of beer, then turned to Yunho and Teacyeon.

               “You guys catch up, I’m gonna go get another drink.” He said holding up the empty beer bottle in his hand.

               Jaejoong walked over to the table where the drinks were set at. He picked a drink and opened it.

               “C’mon have at least one drink.” He heard a familiar voice say, but chose to ignore it.

               “No Changmin… I-” Jaejoong turned around to see what was going on when he heard the second voice.

               “One drink Chul hyung, what have you stopped drinking? Or are you scared to celebrate the end of high school? Don’t want it to be over yet?” Changmin mocked. Heechul snatched the bottle from the other and scoffed. He mumbled a ‘go to hell’ before gulping down the whole bottle in one go.

               Jaejoong shook his head and looked around the room once again. His eyes fixed on Hankyung who was talking to Yoochun and some others that he didn’t recognize. He noticed the other man shifting uncomfortably and was struck by a pang of guilt. Of course he didn’t have anything to do with the problems between Heechul and Hankyung but that knowledge didn’t help any with his guilty conscience. He watched the other man smile awkwardly and stand their disengaged as their conversation from a few days back drifted in his mind.

“I didn’t know you have a doctor’s appointment today.”

“I don’t”

“But then why did you tell Heechul that you did when he asked you if you want to hang out tonight?”

“C’mon Jaejoong, I thought you were smarter than that.”


“I didn’t want to go, why else would I lie about a doctor’s appointment?”

“But, why?”

Hankyung turned around and faced the younger.

“Do I look like an inflatable rubber doll to you?”


“Then I won’t be treated like one.”

               One part of him wanted to believe that it was for the better. If Heechul was never going to get off of his high horse and actually accept that he was in love with Hankyung, then he was better off leaving him.

               It wasn’t as if they were together in the first place. He would never admit that to his friends.

               Jaejoong paused for a moment as an idea formed inside of him. His lips quirked up in a sly smile as he turned his head towards Heechul. He caught his eye and smirked, and Heechul watched him in confusion as the younger one made his way toward Hankyung. In a few swift movements he was close to the Chinese man who noticed his approach and smiled at his friend.

               And it happened like that. The entire room went silent with the exception of a few gasps and mumbles. Even the music seemed to sound distant. Hankyung didn’t move, too shocked to do anything as Jaejoong lips stayed pressed against his. Everything, even time seemed to have frozen in place. He mulled his brain trying to understand what had suddenly spurred this on, and failed to notice another man approaching them with fast furious steps.

               And then everything seemed to happen even faster than usual, like the world was trying to catch up on lost time. In what seemed to be a millisecond Jaejoong went from standing in front of him to lying fallen on the floor, blood trickling from a rather large cut on his lip. Hankyung watched as Jaejoong looked up at Heechul who stood in front of him, his fist clenched and the anger radiating of his body. The man on the floor wiped the blood of with a swipe of his thumb and smirked at his attacker.

               And everything seemed to click in to place.

A.N./ Yes I's late...but hope you like it! *Goes away to be depressed because that's the end of angsty Hanchul... or justHanchul in general for a littlewhile T.T* 

Tags: pairing: kibum/kyuhyun

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