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AU Contest Entry

Title: More than a Plush
Pairing: ShiHae
Rating: G
Word Count: 554
Notes: I actually wrote another fic!! Just read it? And for the record, I spelled Shiwon as "Siwon" 8D And it features a kid-type Siwon, taking place in the late 1950s, probably.

"No, you can't have it."

"But Mom..."

"No but moms. We've already gone through this. We can't afford it. Now, put it back."


The young boy of ten years set the teddy bear plush back on the shelf, a bit of a sad look on his face. Siwon's mother grabbed her son's hand, and little Siwon kept glancing back at the teddy bear plush as he was pulled out of the store. "I wanted to get it for him..." the little boy murmured softly.

Times were tight for Siwon and his mother. Ever since his father died on the job in a burning house several years before, the family's financial situation took a turn for the worse. Siwon's father had been a firefighter while his mother worked in a dental office as a secretary. Little Siwon had happily attended elementary school, until money became an issue with the house and they had to move, making the little boy part from his best friends, HeeChul, Kibum, HanKyung, and DongHae.

Now, it had been three years since the move. Ever since Siwon parted from his friends, each time he saw a teddy bear plush, he was reminded of the friend who gave him a teddy bear before he left; and that friend was DongHae.

DongHae was the one Siwon felt the closest to and missed the most. Each time he found a teddy bear plush, he always begged his mother to let him get it. "I have to get it for DongHae! He gave me one!" and would be dragged out before he caused a scene with his tantrums.

After they returned home to their rented floor of a house, Siwon's mother would always reprimand him and say, "You know we can't afford it. I'm barely making enough to feed us as it is!" But Siwon felt that his mother would never understand. DongHae was his bestest friend who understood him the most. It was the only thing he wanted. The only thing.

Perhaps one day... One day he could get the teddy bear plush for DongHae and find him. Siwon really didn't know where DongHae was now and how he was doing with his other friends. He had not been able to get a hold of him at all. Perhaps one day he would have enough money to buy the teddy bear for his best friend and then run into him.

And then that one day happened.

It was a few years later, after Siwon had turned thirteen. His family's financial situation was much better and they had moved once again. The young teenager was carrying the bear he got from DongHae through the streets of the new city in one arm, and the other hand was carrying a bag containing a teddy bear he had purchased. Someone came running from across the street, nearly being run over by traffic. People yelled at the reckless boy, but he paid them no mind.

"Hey! That's my bear! ...Siwon?"

Siwon stopped and looked up at the other boy who had nearly killed himself in running to him. He held out the bag with a smile. "My bear now. But here's your bear!" He could barely keep his happiness inside.

The two hugged and tears came to Siwon's eyes. His best friend had been found at last.
Tags: pairing: donghae/siwon
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