Click (nekonightingale) wrote in miracle______,

Title: I just wanna read!!
Rating/Warning: g
Parings: ShinHae... Kinda? And other very well hidden ninjas (Can you guess them?)
Word Count: Word says 1,517
Disclaimer (because people seem to think ts needed): Last time I checked I owned myself and no one else But I think they might own me now D:
Summary: Eunhyuk just want's to read, Heechul talks to trees, and It's generally just crack from reading way to long and to much hahaa
A/N: The book Is City of Ashes! It's a really good book to :) It's the one I'm stuck In at the moment! I'm like Eunhyuk In this and I did talk to a Christmas tree >.> After reading like 200 pages in one night

This may or may not make sense... :D
Tags: pairing: shindong/donghae
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