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The Story That Has No Name Yet (Part/Chapter/Installment/Episode 3)

Title: The Story That Has No Name Yet (Part/Chapter/Installment/Episode 3)
Pairings:girl!KanginxLeeteuk,MysteryxZhouMixgirl!rock,HeechulxHenry,HenryxMaplesyrup,girl!SiwonxKyuhyun,mystery!YesungxRyeowook,EunhyukxSungmin,DonghaexHangeng,KibumxKibumxKibum,Minho x Nichkhun
Rating: R (but mostly because of the mentionings of things)
Warnings: mpreg, incest (tripletcest), mindless fuckery, genderswich, statutory rape, prostitution, crossdressing, this story will come in random installments and maybe have a plot
Genre: AU, crack, werewolf, vampire, highschool, satan\angel, crime, mafia, so much crack, Harry Potter crossover
Summary: Every single genre of fanfiction ever written thrown into one story…in which Kangin is a woman and Leeteuk is gay, Henry loves maple syrup a little too much to be normal, Kibum is a vampire, Minho is a horrible guardian angel, Kyuhyun fights for animal rights, Siwon is a werewolf, and Sungmin goes to Hogwarts. Oh, and Ryeowook is a fish. And somehow a plot was born.

“Three of them. I own them. I’m kind of like a pimp and they’re my hoes/bitches/friends.” Heechul drawled as the car pulled to a stop. “Except that I don’t make them pay for sexual favors.” He winked before opening the door and slipping out, leaving a thunderstruck Henry behind.
Tags: pairing: eeteuk/kangin, pairing: hangeng/donghae, pairing: heechul/henry, pairing: kibum/henry, pairing: siwon/kyuhyun, pairing: sungmin/everyone, with: 2pm, with: shinee, with: ukiss
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