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Donghae & Siwon hide from the sun

Title: When it Gets (too) Hot Outside
Pairing: Donghae / Siwon
Rating: NC-17 (PWP)
Summary: When it get‘s too hot outside, it tends to get very hot inside.

A/N: Dedicated to skonsa92, because she has been waiting for me to finish this for God knows how long.

Sorry if this turned into complete fail and excuse the ending. Endings are never easy for me so they tend to turn into mushy-crap. Sorry about that.. again..

Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Inspired by THIS

When it Gets (too) Hot Outside

Siwon stood up and was about to walk away when Donghae hooked his finger in one of Siwon's pants' belt loops, tugging slightly.
“Where are you going?” He asked innocently, still hanging on to the belt-loop.
“It's too hot out here, I was going inside,” Siwon answered, his hand taking Donghae's hand in his. “Care to join me?” Siwon asked the man still lying on the deck of the boat, “I think you're too hot to stay out here much longer,” he continued, a look of mischief creeping into his face.
Donghae took Siwon's outstretched hand and allowed the taller man to pull him to his feet. When they got inside they headed straight for Siwon's room on the water vessel. Luckily, there was no-one else on board at the moment. Once they were inside the room Siwon pinned Donghae up against the wall. He was determined to switch roles with his hyung this time, as in, it was Donghae's turn to bottom.
Siwon kissed Donghae hungrily, one of his hands roaming the other's body, his other hand holding Donghae's arms over his head. As the kiss deepened Donghae moaned, granting Siwon access to commence a tongue war between the two. Siwon ground his hips against Donghae's, rubbing their hard bulges against each others. Donghae managed to free one of his hands and immediately snuck it under Siwon's shirt, stroking his washboard abs. Siwon let go of Donghae's remaining hand and pulled his shirt off. Pretty soon they were both shirtless and Donghae backed Siwon on to the bed. There went his plan of topping.
As Siwon fell onto the bed Donghae unzipped his own pants and climbed on top of Siwon. He unzipped Siwon's pants and pulled them, as well as his boxers, off in a very swift move. Siwon was trying to pull Donghae's pants off and succeeded to pull them down to his knees when Donghae looked at Siwon with a certain glint in his eye and moved his head to the younger man's abdomen where he placed numerous kisses and licks. He slowly, but surely, teased Siwon by moving lower and lower until he reached Siwon's very erect cock where he paused and looked at Siwon through his lashes. Siwon moaned as his cock searched for Donghae's lips, which was exactly what Donghae wanted. He wanted Siwon to beg for the pleasure he was about to receive. Donghae touched Siwon's head with his tongue just barely, making him groan and thrust upwards. Donghae smiled against Siwon's length and covered his head with his mouth and sucked a little bit. Siwon sucked in his breath and grabbed the bedsheets, making his knuckles turn white. Donghae took more of Siwon's cock in his mouth and licked and sucked it, making Siwon completely incoherent.
Suddenly Donghae let Siwon's cock go and finished taking his pants off, he then reached across Siwon to the bedside table for the bottle of lube stored in the top drawer, resulting in their erections rubbing against each other. Siwon took the chance he got to tease Donghae by grabbing his rock hard dick and pumping it. Donghae had to work hard to not fall down on top of Siwon at the sudden surge of pleasure. He managed to get back into the kneeling position he was in before and coat himself and his fingers in lube and roughly poking one finger into Siwon. Siwon arched back at the intrusion, but he'd been “violated” so many times already that one attacking finger wasn't very painful. Besides, the pain went away pretty damn fast.
Donghae took his time stretching Siwon with 1 finger, then 2 and finally 3 fingers, until Siwon managed to croak that he needed Donghae, NOW! Donghae pushed himself inside the younger man slowly, letting him adjust as he needed. But just as he buried himself completely inside, Siwon demanded he fuck him, fuck him hard and fast and, preferably, no later than yesterday. Donghae complied and thrust in and out in a steady rhythm, Siwon pumping his own cock as much as he managed to do; Donghae was kinda really good at this you see.
It didn't take long for Siwon to scream in pleasure as he tightened around Donghae and spilling all over himself, making the other man follow suit. Donghae pulled out of Siwon, leaving a sticky mess behind him, and collapsing on the bed beside the tall man, both of them panting, hard. Siwon wrapped his arms around Donghae and kissed him gently on the mouth, both of them were exhausted from the pretty great sex they'd just had.
“Hyung, please have sex with me more often? Heechul is getting kinda boring in bed and Hangeng isn't exactly around to spice the sex life up,” Siwon asked with a yawn.
“I'd love to, but you're gonna have to make an agreement with Eunhyuk first, the boy is one horny dance machine.” Donghae answered just before sleep claimed both of them.


Let's just say that the sex life of those four Super Junior members was kind of colourful after this.
Tags: pairing: donghae/siwon

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