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HenBum and Crack

Title: Smiles are a form of Escapism
Pairing: HenBum
Rating: PG
Genre: comfort, fluff
Summary: Kibum needs to escape and Henry conveniently has an empty bunk in his dorm room.

Henry isn’t the subtle type.

Title: The Story That Has No Name Yet (Part/Chapter/Installment/Episode 2)
Pairings:girl!KanginxLeeteuk,MysteryxZhouMixgirl!rock,HeechulxHenry,HenryxMaplesyrup,girl!SiwonxKyuhyun,mystery!YesungxRyeowook,EunhyukxSungmin,DonghaexHangeng, KibumxKibumxKibum,Minho x Nichkhun
Rating: R (but mostly because of the mentionings of things)
Warnings: mpreg, incest (tripletcest), mindless fuckery, genderswich, statutory rape, prostitution, crossdressing, this story will come in random installments and maybe have a plot
Genre: AU, crack, werewolf, vampire, highschool, satan\angel, crime, mafia, so much crack, Harry Potter crossover
Summary: Every single genre of fanfiction ever written thrown into one story…in which Kangin is a woman and Leeteuk is gay, Henry loves maple syrup a little too much to be normal, Kibum is a vampire, Minho is a horrible guardian angel, Kyuhyun fights for animal rights, Siwon is a werewolf, and Sungmin goes to Hogwarts. Oh, and Ryeowook is a fish. And somehow a plot was born.

Hangeng didn’t know much about the culture of Korea but he was fairly certain that the young generation was not meant to be standing on street corners in thin, practically see-through outfits.

In China, that was usually a sign of prostitution.

But this was Korea, so it was obviously different than in China.
Tags: pairing: eeteuk/kangin, pairing: hangeng/donghae, pairing: heechul/henry, pairing: kibum/henry, pairing: siwon/kyuhyun, pairing: sungmin/everyone, with: 2pm, with: shinee, with: ukiss

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