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pink hair ribbons - ch. 1

Pink Hair Ribbons
PG-13 (will rise to NC-17)
Fluff; Humour; sort of Drama but not really
1/? (3 chapters already written)
future KyuMin; others uncertain
University AU
Summary: When SM's Choir Club gets a new member - a certain Cho Kyuhyun - their world is turned upside down, and not for the better. And why does he think Sungmin is a girl? Mistaken identities, drunken bets, kissing wars and bets are all what you can find at SM University's Arts Department. Welcome.
Warnings: crossdressing!sungmin (coupled with my favourite, semisarcastic!sungmin) future language, mature themes

Kyuhyun thought he was a girl. He coughed and looked at Kyuhyun's extended hand. He slowly reached for it, shaking it. What was he doing?
Tags: pairing: sungmin/kyuhyun
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