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Perfect Lies (chapter 9)

title: Perfect Lies (chapter 9)
pairing: KyuMin ♥
rating: PG
summary: Lee Sungmin pretended that he has an amnesia when a car almost hit him so that Cho Kyuhyun, the owner of the car will take care of him until Sungmin finds a job.
note: continuation

A couple of weeks passed so stressfully.

Depression and pressure due to a long paper work finally ended. Though Ryeowook was always there helping me, still I didn’t feel fine. The thought of visiting Sungmin’s former room kept on distracting me. Something in my head tempts me to go in there. So when I already had a time to step inside, I was so surprised to see a letter on the table and it caused me to almost run to read it. I even called myself ‘stupid’ for not recognizing his letter on the table the day after he left.
I felt a little excitement before opening the letter. When I was reading it, I was really touched to read his millions of sorry. That’s all I was waiting for. His apology. I went on reading. And when I finally knew his reasons why he lied to me, I hated myself. I just realized that I was the reason why he lost his interview. That’s why he couldn’t find a job. I was the reason why he lied to me that he couldn’t remember anything. If all of that didn’t happen, he wouldn’t have to live in my house. If he didn’t live in my house, I wouldn’t fall in love. So it’s me to be blamed that I fell for him.
“So it’s not Sungmin’s fault at all….” I whispered.
I quickly pulled the phone out of my pocket and dialed his no. I really wanted to do call him before. I heard something rang inside his drawer.
“Shit!.... he left his phone”
I ran towards my office and put Sungmin’s letter inside my pocket. I opened every drawer I saw, looked on every papers I see avoiding to miss even a piece of the documents.
“I know it’s here…”
I felt annoyed after an hour of searching so I put all the drawers out and scattered all the papers. Didn’t care if all of it are important, might get scratches or tear into pieces. Finally, I found it. I exhaled deeply feeling a relief.
“God! Even your I.D. is hard to get…”
It was his ID that I kept after his discharge from the hospital.
I quickly read his address.
“Got you Sungmin….”
I ran to get the car’s key and started the engine. I realized that I wasn’t paying attention on the road; instead I paid attention to his ID. Looking at his smile and those cute brown eyes of his on his ID picture made me smile too.
I left my car in a parking space and walked along the street indicated on his ID.
“no. 35, 35, Oh, here it is…”
“What the? Is this really a house?”
I knocked on the door since the house has no doorbell. But no one answered. I knocked again, this time louder.
“Sungmin-ah!......YAH! open the door! It’s me Kyuhyun.”
But still, no one opened the door.
‘so he’s mad at me huh?’ I thought.
“Aishh! I don’t care whether he’s mad or not, I need to talk to him.”
I banged the door. I wasn’t quite surprised that the door easily broke. I quickly roamed around the house, scanning every corner hoping to see him.
“ *sigh* Sungmin… where the hell are you?”
I sat on his couch breathing deeply. I felt something under my butt. When I stood up, I realized that I just sat on a bunch of papers. I read all of it. I found out that the letter is from his mother and Sungmin has already gone to America.
The next day, I followed Sungmin to the states. Holding the papers, I read the letters and the documents I found in Sungmin’s house, sealing all the information I can use to find him in my head.
“I thought he has no parents?” I asked myself.
When I arrived, I immediately went to a hotel to unpack my things and after that, I started searching for him. Internet and people I asked helped me to find him. It wasn’t that easy. It took 2 days for me to find him. It was night that I found the person I was looking for. Unfortunately, I saw him with another guy who was about to kiss him. My eyes got wider. I waited for more few moments hoping that Sungmin will refuse. But he was just standing there, seems like he’s waiting for the kiss.
‘Sungmin! What the?’ I thought.
“Aah! I can’t take it anymore.”
I walked fast reaching for Sungmin’s wrist. I pulled him hard and let his head bury on my chest. I wrapped my arms around him tightly. i told him the word that I’ve been always wanted to say.
He called my name, quicker than I expected.
Suddenly, I felt his body became heavier. He fell asleep.
~end of flashback~
I let him lie down in a bench beside where we were standing.
“I’ll be back” I whispered.
I turned around and straightly punched the guy’s face.
“Don’t you ever kiss my Sungmin”
“Tch… YOUR Sungmin?” he punched me back causing me to fall on the ground. I wiped my bleeding nose using my sleeve. I got up and held his shirt’s collar tightly and lifted him up.
“listen.., if ever I saw you kiss, touch or talk to Sungmin again, I’ll kill you”
I let him go and walked towards Sungmin to lift him up. I lifted him bridal style. I don’t care about what people passing by will think. I’ll just let them think whatever they want as long as what I’m doing is for Sungmin. I just missed him a lot and I want him to come with me.
“ yah! Where are you going?” the guy from my back shouted.
“Somewhere far away from you” I shouted back without looking.
Suddenly, I felt a hand touched my shoulder.
“No, you have to give him to me. Seriously, He needs to go back to their apartment. His mo—“
“ get your hand off me” I said trying to be calm because Sungmin might wake up.
“I don’t think I will.” He replied.
“I SAID GET YOUR HAND OFF ME.” This time, louder.
He quickly pulled his hand off my shoulder. I guess I scared him. I continued to walk.
“But--!” he shouted again. His voice seemed worried.
~In Yesung’s POV~
“ oh no! what to do?” I said as I facepalm.
“Noona will kill me! Oh God!”
The guy who just took Sungmin was pretty scary. I just sat on the bench where Sungmin laid down before still thinking of what to do. I cried quietly blaming myself for not protecting the person I like. I just let the guy bring Sungmin somewhere.
“What if?...” I suddenly thought of something.
“ oh my god..” I quickly ran to noona’s apartment.
When I got in there, I quickly shouted as I saw her in the living room.
“Noona! Noona!” I was like a kid calling her.
She immediately turned the TV off and looked at me.
“what? What? What happened?” she said worriedly.
“Minnie! He’s……..he’s” I said cutting the words, still trying to catch my breath.
“what? Spit it out!” she yelled.
“someone’s gonna rape him!” I said aloud.
I saw her widened her eyes as she tried to understand what I said.
“oh my god!” she said then immediately get her coat and pushed me to go outside along with her.
“what the hell? It’s my first time to hear a man getting raped. And it’s my son!” she said while we were running.
“where did they go?” she asked me.
“I don’t know” I answered.
She stopped running and spanked me.
“Pabo! You don’t know what direction they’re heading to? If something happened to my Minnie, I’ll kill you! I don’t want to lose him again!... aish! You idiot!”
Now what? First the guy who took Sungmin said that he’ll kill me and now noona. I guess I’ll die early.
“I’m really sorry”
I saw tears forming in her eyes.
“why did you let Minnie go?”
“it’s just that the guy was scary, I couldn’t fight back.”
“you weak!”
Of all the things I don’t want to hear is if someone calls me ‘coward’ or ‘weak’ (although I really am). So I thought of something to settle the problem. Suddenly, I’ve got an idea.
“ I think I already know where they’re heading to” I lied so that she’ll stop crying and so she’ll not tell something negative about me anymore.
“what? Where?” she asked curiously.
“just leave it to me” then I ran, didn’t even know where to go.
But something came up in my mind. I looked back at her and came closer.
“Noona….. if ever I found Sungmin, let me be his boyfriend, please?” I bowed and looked at her.
I saw her got surprised.
“ Yesung? You like Minnie?”
I nodded.
“please!” I said aloud. I almost knelt.
“Just………..go find him”
I smiled and ran again. my will to find him got stronger.
“you find him no matter what happens. This time, NEVER EVR LET HIM GO” I told myself leaving noona standing from afar.
~back to Kyuhyun’s POV~
I brought Sungmin to the hotel I was staying. I let him lie down on my bed. I took a shower to clean myself after a long day of searching.
After cleaning up, I sat beside Sungmin and held his hand.
“Sungmin, I finally found you” I smiled and kissed his hand.
I stayed in the room for the whole night. I fell asleep on the chair while waiting for him to wake up.
Morning came; I woke up and saw no one on the bed. I immediately stood up and looked for him. I was relieved when I saw Sungmin walking in circle, biting his fingernails in the living room.
“Sungmin!” I shouted.
He immediately looked at me and walked fast towards me.
“Kyuhyun-ssi! What are you doing here in America? why am I in here? What happened? I don’t know what’s this place.”
I held his shoulders.
“Sungmin, calm down!”
“my mom is surely looking for me right now. And you….aren’t you supposed to stay in Seoul and help Ryeowook arrange your wedding? What-what are you doing here? Why did you bring me here?”
My mood isn’t ready to answer him his questions, same as asking him my questions like things about his mom and that annoying guy I punched last night. I want him first to hear what I’m gonna ask.
I pushed him gently to sit on the couch.
“Let’s forget first about Ryeowook.”
“but Kyuhyun, you’re getting married. What are you doing here?”
“ don’t you remember what I said last night?”
I asked him.
He paused and think deeply.
“what the?.... I thought I was just dreaming. But you really said that didn’t you? You said saranghae. What the hell are you thinking? Kyuhyun, you’re getting married.”
“stop involving the wedding in our conversation Sungmin… please!” I said please again.
“Sungmin…. I really want to ask you something.” I said looking down.
I slowly closed my eyes and gulped.
“if you’d say no, then I’ll stop. But please. Don’t—don’t lie to me. NOT THIS TIME or I won’t forgive you anymore. Answer the truth…..
D-d-do you love me?” I didn’t open my eyes. Didn’t want to see his reaction cause it might only disappoint me.
Seconds passed he’s still not answering my question. Then another seconds turning into minutes. I got impatient. I gave up, sighed. I know he’ll refuse me that’s why he’s not answering. So I slowly opened my eyes and saw him looking down, nodding a bit. I felt like my heart is going to jump. I hugged him tightly and smiled widely.
“thank you” I whispered to his ear while in the middle of the hug. I wasn’t about to let go but he pushed me.
“but this isn’t right. We can’t be together. Keep that in your mind.”, he quickly let of his hand on mine tears started to roll on his face then he stood up and left. But before he could do so, I got a chance to hold his wrist.
“you must be forgetting something….”
I said as I pulled a paper in my pocket. Yes, it’s his letter. I never left it with me since the time I first read it.
“you wrote something here that I really need.” I said as I point some lines written in the letter. I continued speaking.
“you really owe me big time. You said you will give me anything in return even your life.”
I stood up and stepped closer to him. Leaning my face on his and whispered.
“so Lee Sungmin…..”
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