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Interlude - A Moment Without End

This continues from part 1 and part 2

Title: Interlude - A Moment Without End
Pairing: Heechul/Kyuhyun or Kyuchul, they can't tell either
Length: 1465
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG13
Summary: Heechul keeps his distance, suddenly. Kyuhyun wants to know why.

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Before Kyuhyun can begin to decipher what the hell that means, he feels his pants jerked roughly up and a light pat on his abdomen before Heechul is pulling away. "We'll talk...soon," the older man promises and then turns away, closing his shared bedroom door with a sharp click.

Kyuhyun feels a hot stain of flush on his cheeks as all of his arousal and excitement seems to sour in his chest. He moves into the bathroom like a robot, snatching up a clean shirt and shorts from the basket he was planning to put away earlier on the way.

Three days later and Kyuhyun thinks his pride, not to mention his heart are permanently and completely shriveled. Heechul seems determined to show him just how much the other night doesn't mean to him, almost obviously avoiding him and causing him to receive some funny looks. Meanwhile his temper is so bad that he has to consciously keep from speaking at all to keep from snapping at everyone every few seconds. The fact he has things to do including appearances doesn't help anything. Just now he's refusing to look at Heechul because if he does he'll only hurt worse than he already is, now he knows exactly what all those songs mean when they talk about losing your mind to a person you love. Loved he tells himself fiercely.

Heechul can see what's happening to Kyuhyun and tells himself it's for the best. He's no good for anyone especially someone like Kyuhyun, so serious, so fierce beneath the exterior of careful cool. He didn't really mean to hurt Kyuhyun but as time passed it seemed the better thing. Let Kyuhyun get over him quickly and choose someone else to love, someone to deserve him far more than Heechul does. Nevermind that every time Heechul closes his eyes, he can see the flushed hot sexy sweet look on Kyuhyun's face when he said that he adored Heechul. He can easily remember the way the younger man felt, looked, tasted and it makes him think in his more frivolous moments that his brain is going to explode from his attempts at being the better man. Right, he thinks to himself, me the better man. It's the first time that he's truly, actively, tried to deny himself something or someone he wanted and it's 100 times harder than he even imagined - especially when he can see the pain in Kyuhyun's eyes slowly turning to a cruel hatred.

Heechul comes in late, it's already after 11 but that can't be helped. Work is work, schedule is schedule and he refuses to drop his end if he can keep from it. He slides his hand through his hair as the door to the apartment shuts on the quiet of others sleeping. Next comes off his overcoat and scarf, leaving him in skinny jeans and a baggy tee with a second looser silk scarf draped around his neck in an outrageous shade of bright pink. Heechul finds himself leaning tiredly back against the door of the coat closet, the heavy weight of his emotional need for Kyuhyun making every thing else that much harder. He tells himself he's not even going to think about his sexual need for the other.

It's then the sound of another door snapping shut draws his attention and he finds himself watching Kyuhyun walk towards him. Really it's more of a stalk and he's a bit distracted by the skin tight jeans Kyuhyun is wearing and the loose dress shirt half unbuttoned over it. Where in hell did Kyuhyun get those jeans? He swallows and puts on his best "I don't give a damn," expression. It's fooled plenty of people, not just Kyuhyun. And critics say he can't act.

"I want to talk to you," Kyuhyun announces quietly but flatly, making it clear that he isn't going to let Heechul wiggle out of facing him. His heart is beating so hard in his chest that his ears throb and he's terrified of this meeting but it's got to happen, so he can really give up, move on, forget about that...whatever that was the other day. He told himself he was insane, but he even dressed for this meeting, confrontation, whatever it is. If Heechul wants him at all, what he's wearing is guaranteed to get at least a glance.

He smirks faintly when he catches the quick drop of Heechul's eyes and thinks, "Score!". But that's a long way from winning the game, and really, this is far too serious for a game to him.

"I'm tired," Heechul mutters and closes his eyes. He doesn't need to look to see how sexy Kyuhyun is, the vision is imprinted on his brain anyway. But now he can smell Kyuhyun, a cologne he wears sometimes, smooth and masculine just like the man himself. Damn it, damn it, damn it. He should have known this was coming. Kyuhyun never gives up and he likes to win, more than most. He'd never just slink off like a kicked puppy. If anyone is the idiot here, it's him. "What do you want?" he adds, making sure to put a bored tone in his voice without opening his eyes to look at the younger man.

"Don't play with me, Heechul," Kyuhyun snarls, keeping his voice low but that only makes the words more vehement. "You know exactly what this is about." He reaches out and takes hold of the folds of Heechul's baggy shirt, crumpling it in his fist as he pulls the other closer, fighting the urge to give him a good shake. "You've been ignoring me. I don't like that."

"Oh, Kyuhyun," Heechul croons, trying to put as much disdain and boredom into it as possible when all he really wants to do is throw himself into Kyuhyun's arms. "You can't be the center of my attention all the time, it's cute you want it though," he adds, glancing up into Kyuhyun's face from beneath his lashes.

Any sane man would let Heechul go, push him aside even, at being spoken to in such a way, Kyuhyun thinks as his heart begins to bleed all over again. Instead he only holds on tighter than before. "I never knew you were so brutal," Kyuhyun whispers, his face pale. "I never knew you were so cruel. You're destroying me. You know I love you. Can't you at least pity me?"

Slowly he lets go of Heechul, releasing each finger separately and steps back. "Why? Why did you say those things, do those things? Just tell me that and I...I won't say another word. Was it just a game to you, to break me down?" Kyuhyun chokes, feeling the tears rising and he has doesn't know who he hates more, Heechul or himself for this terrifying weakness where Heechul is concerned.

Heechul's heart aches, seeing the pain in Kyuhyun's face, in his eyes, hearing it in his beautiful soft voice. It would be easy, so easy to apologize, to gather Kyuhyun in his arms and kiss his pain away and promise him never to hurt him so badly again. But, his very presence in Kyuhyun's life would be hurting him, wouldn't it? He was no good for such a man as Kyuhyun. He believed in nothing and Kyuhyun believed in so much.

"I wanted to see how far you would let me go," Heechul answers coolly, smiling with a twist of his lips. He pats Kyuhyun on the shoulder with a condescending air, forcing himself not to caress the younger man through the soft cotton he's wearing. "You surprised me, a bit...I got caught up in the moment." It's on the tip of his tongue to say he's sorry but he doesn't...Kim Heechul never apologizes.

"I hate you," Kyuhyun hisses, jerking out from under Heechul's touch. It burns him, making him want to fall to his knees and beg Heechul for his favor. "I hate you. Don't touch me, don't look at me, don't speak to me," he mutters, each word gathering strength despite the fact that tears are escaping to shine on his smooth pale cheeks. "You don't exist to me." He stalks away, every step feeling like knives and swords driving into his heart. Kyuhyun wraps his arms around himself to stop the shuddering sobs from breaking free and shoulders into the bedroom he shares with Sungmin.

Heechul slides down the closet door to sit on the floor, hands on either side curling into the fibers of the carpet. "Oh God, Kyuhyun...I'm so sorry, my love," he whispers, feeling nauseated with himself as the hoarse painful sound of Kyuhyun's sobs reaches him from the half open door of the bedroom.

Author's Note: Um, evidently I am incapable of just writing smut for the sake of smut, so erm, this is a series now I guess.
Tags: pairing: heechul/kyuhyun
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