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Random Fanart Again+Fic: Of Course

Title: Heechul+Yesung Fanart
Characters: Super Junior: Yesung, Heechul
Rating: G
Prompt(s): #82: Brotherhood, Super Junior
Warnings: Random Doodle, Bad artist (me! oh me!), Rough Draft.
A/N: Well, here you go. Enjoy~!
Inspiration(s): This Twitter picture of Heechul and Yesung [=

Heechul, Yesung, and Lavi (lols) under THIS CUT =DD )

Title: Of Course
Author(s): [info]suparashi (aka [info]arashiku 's Michi)
Pairing(s): Yesungx? (Guess who if you can, haha)
Prompt: #69: Special Day, Super Junior
Rating: PG-13
Genre(s): Romance, Yaoi/BL 
Warning(s): Slight swearing, Yaoi/BL, My bias-ness xD
Disclaimer: If I could get my hands on them they'd be all over each other doing fanservice all day and singing and dancing fer meh 8D LOLOLOL!
Summary: Yesung felt as if there was something missing. Something important that could make him feel empty on Super Junior's 7th Anniversary. (FAIL at summaries!)
Author's Note: Urm, this was random so yeah 8D I just started writing and it came out like this. Enjoy~ PS. It's not angst for once! Lols.

Deep inside Yesung knew that this day would come. )

**locked in my community after 72 hours**
Tags: fanart, pairing: yesung/unspecified, subject: heechul, subject: yesung
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