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AU fic contest entry

ya, so I finally decided to do it. :D proud of me?

title: Simple Harmonic Motions
rating: G
pairing: HyukHae
a/n: this is what I think about when in summer school...

Once again, Eunhyuk was dozing off in physics class, his bored and characteristically teenaged mind spinning off in wayward directions from any one word spoken by the monotonous teacher that perked any memory or interest in it. Like many others in the class, his pen swayed and tapped across the white paper in front of him seemingly of its own accord. This time, the word that had sparked action in the seventeen-year-old’s nearly dozing mind was “harmony.”

Because he hadn’t heard or taken conscious heed of anything before the old man said that otherwise uninteresting word, Eunhyuk wasn’t entirely sure how harmony related to physics. But it didn’t really matter. What mattered was how he smiled (the teacher, fortunately, took this a sign that his student was understanding the lecture and thus decided not to bother him with questions) when “harmony” brought his mind to DongHae. Even though they were only best friends, Eunhyuk believed their whole existences were in perfect harmony together. He believed that the root of their friendship was also harmonic; they weren’t sure why they got along so well, but they were sure that they couldn’t be pulled apart from each other, no matter what forces attempted to do so. Not even gravity itself (oh, maybe he had heard something else from the lecture) threatened them.

Dropping into the lecture for a moment so that that night’s homework didn’t draw a complete blank, Eunhyuk finally heard how “harmony” related to physics. The teacher was working out a problem on the chalkboard that had to do with “simple harmonic motion.” He glanced down to the doodle-covered lecture outline to find out what in the world the “SHMs” were, and ended up finding the definition on his neighbor’s paper: “any motion that repeats due to the presence of a restoring force.” And, once again, his mind wandered back to DongHae.

A repeated motion…well, DongHae liked to hold his hand. A lot. Was that gesture like a simple harmonic motion? It surely repeated, and it did seem to be something that happened naturally. But what was the restoring force behind it? Maybe it was just an oddity of DongHae’s, or maybe it was DongHae simply being DongHae. But maybe it was something more. Eunhyuk had been questioning it in his mind for some time, but he couldn’t find any plausible answers that he dared to believe.

More in attempt to understand SHMs and possibly, therefore, the reoccurring gestures from DongHae than for the actual knowledge of physics, Eunhyuk studied for most likely the first time in his high school life. Along the way, even though he didn’t notice because of the frustration of not getting any further understanding of DongHae and his relationship, his brain soaked in the other information, equations and facts. So on the next day’s test, he got his very first perfect score in that particular course.

And that’s why it didn’t matter that the textbook hadn’t helped Eunhyuk in the way he had hoped anymore. When he took his 100 to the apartment, parading it proudly before he even got through the front door, DongHae took his hand, grinning madly and praising him, just as Eunhyuk as expected. But he also did something the older boy hadn’t expected; after holding hands, there isn’t too much more to do physically just for congratulations between friends, and DongHae certainly ignored that fact. When his still-smiling lips touched Eunhyuk’s matching grin, Eunhyuk’s whole confidence in his brainpower dropped; there was no equation to account for changes or disturbances of repeating motions. The textbook hadn’t taught him how to deal with varying motions, only constant or predictable ones.

However, he was now closer to identifying the underlying force behind his roommate and best friend’s actions, with added help from the blushing cheeks and averted eyes on the other’s face. The paper, and all interest in the grade and the class, dropped to the floor immediately, as if air…friction…whatever it was, didn’t exist.

But the one thing Eunhyuk was sure of now was the restoring force in him that would be responsible for the repetition of that simple, harmonic motion from then on.

Tags: pairing: eunhyuk/donghae

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