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05 November 2010 @ 08:27 pm
You Are My Everything - Chapter (11)  
-Title: You Are My Everything
- Author : SuJu_Addict
-Pairing: KangTeuk (main pairing) , YeWon , KyuMin , Broken-JunTeuk (JunHo + Eeteuk) , Broken-SeungTeuk (Seung Gi + Eeteuk) , Broken-KangMin (KangIn + So Min) , AmbHae (Amber – DongHae)
-Genre: Romance , Drama , Angst
-Rating: PG-13 (for this chapter)
- Length : Chaptered /?
- Summary : Eeteuk is a very successful and popular model who is at the same time super arrogant and literally “jerk” while KangIn is an ambitious guy who dreamed of being a chief but face various obstacles. When an accident between the two lead them living under the same roof and deal with some kind of debt, what will happen when a dumbass-when-it-comes-to-love Eeteuk asked KangIn to become his match-maker assistant ? What’s going to happen when the teacher falls for his student ?

(again another suck summary *sigh* but hope it gives you a brief idea about the content)

Reminder : 40% of this fan-fic is based on the Korean drama (Witch Yoo Hee).Specially the KangTeuk part.

Chapter (11)