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Five Years Later

Title: Five Years Later
Rating: PG-PG13 (it's a litte sad...)
Characters: Super Junior (Yesung, Kangin, Sungmin)
Summary: Five years later, the members reflect on their experiences
AN: Part 2!!! I'm like speed writing to get these own fault...
Note: Obviously, I have no way of knowing if they really feel this way, so please don't take offence. Oh, and in this one my tenses tend to flip-flop...

Yesung - He thought back on the last five years. He remembers how they all were before. All young, a bit scared, but undeniably excited. They were all different, but the same. Different names, different attitudes, different hair.

            Over the years they had somehow become parts of each other. They fit. They got along, lived together, slept together, laughed, cried, and sang together. He supposed that was why he started, the real reason, the real him. Singing was his life, something he couldn’t ever let go. Something that would remain important to him, even while he argued with his brothers, played pranks, and touched then in weird places.

We’ve just begun, he remembered saying that. It had seemed fitting at the time. It even fit now, he realized. They were entering a new chapter in their lives. They were new people, older, wiser. They hadn’t changed, still friends, still lively.

He stared at his turtle, and smiled. Even with everything, it wasn’t so bad.


Kangin – What’s important is that we work hard. Savor the present. Being together now, even with the circumstances, is better than never seeing each other again.

            Sitting on my bunk bed in the army lodgings, I was silent. I was fully aware of what day it was. And with that knowledge, I couldn’t help but fall into a spiral of emotions.

            An image, a memory comes to mind. We, Super Junior, were all sitting in the living room, talking, laughing, being happy. I remember how Teukie just looked really happy, and the rest were relaxed, not a bit of stress on their faces.

            It seems so distant now. And more than ever I regret my actions. It was stupid of me. But I’m paying my dues, doing something that I can be proud of, something for once, that I am being me.

            I don’t look at the calendar. It’ll only make me feel worse. I don’t want to be counting down the days until I can see them again. I have to redeem myself first.

            I stand up, and stretch. I would see them again. I had to be strong.


Sungmin – He wonders who he is. Who he really is. Who, or what even, has he become after these five years. 

            He could be upset, depressed even. But the day, their day of beginnings was enough to keep him afloat. He could be upset because they rarely say Kibum anymore. He could break down because Kangin was no longer there with his oddly comforting presence. He could be crying because Hankyung was gone.

But he couldn’t, wouldn’t. He was lucky. There would always a hyung to help and encourage him. Always a dongsaeng for him to look after and adore. Always friends, brothers to stand by his side.

He is who he is. He remembers his debut as a cute figure. Then his transformation in the Don’t Don days. And then the imperceptible shift where that had all become adults. Through it all, he had not changed. He still loved martial arts, still loved pumpkin.

AN: Hmmm.... these seem a bit off but....oh well. Please review!!

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