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TItle: While You Were Sleeping
Pairing: KyuMin
Genre: Angsty Fluff?
Rating: G
Summary: Kyuhyun thinks Sungmin doesn't know

Kyuhyun thinks Sungmin doesn't know that he comes in every night to stare at Sungmin sleeping. He doesn't think Sungmin feels the soft kisses Kyuhyun lays on his hair. He doesn't think Sungmin hears his breathing as he strokes Sungmin's hair. Kyuhyun doesn't know that Sungmin can feel Kyuhyun's gaze or almost hear how loud his heart is beating.

Kyuhyun doesn't know that everytime Sungmin turns over on the bed, it's because he's smiling. But Kyuhyun doesn't know that when he leaves, Sungmin can't help but cry. Doesn't know that Sungmin hopes and prays and wishes for him to come back. Because he hates feeling lonely and he's so in love with Kyuhyun that he doesn't know what to do.

Finally, when Kyuhyun comes in yet again, Sungmin's heart wants to explode and he doesn't know if he can do this. But he wants to and he needs to.

When Kyuhyun is stroking his hair, Sungmin reaches up and grabs his hand. Then Sungmin gets up... and grabs Kyuhyun's lips with his.

And now... Kyuhyun knows everything Sungmin does and  Sungmin knows everything Kyuhyun does.

Kyuhyun knows when Sungmin smiles when they're sleeping in the same bed (always.) Sungmin knows when Kyuhyun's awake at night because he can feel Kyuhyun staring at him. Kyuhyun knows when Sungmin wants to be hugged so he wraps his arms around him. Sungmin knows when Kyuhyun wants to kiss him and he turns around in the embrace to do so.

Kyuhyun and Sungmin know everything now.
Tags: pairing: sungmin/kyuhyun
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