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03 November 2010 @ 05:54 pm
Title: "Who is it?"
Author: 수민
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Eeteuk/(omc)
Note: was written by a friend of mine. she doesn't plan on writing more fic. (tho she might be convinced! ^^)
Summary: someone pays Eeteuk a late-night visit...

With the lights in the room he shared with Donghae all out, Eeteuk stared at the dark space behind his eyes. He wasn't quite sure when he drifted to sleep, only that one moment he was going over the concert Super Junior had done that day for mubank and the next he felt a soft piece of fabric slip over his eyes. He tried to move, but found he was lying on his side and that his wrists had been bound behind his back with what felt like the twin for whatever had just been slipped over his eyes. Admittedly, he wasn't the best at identifying fabric, but the cool, smooth way it caressed his warm flesh spoke of silk.

He felt the other presence there before he even heard the soft inhale and exhale of their breathing or felt the gentle touch of their skin as they tied the blindfold firmly over his eyes.

"Who is it?" Eeteuk asked softly, even as he wondered at the point of a blindfold in a dark room. He fought half-heartedly against the binding around his wrists, not too sure how he felt about being awoken like this. He was fairly sure it had to be one of the other boys; security was too good for it to be a random fan, but he was the leader. He liked knowing. Liked being the one in control.

The other person finished tying off the blindfold and Eeteuk felt the strong grip of their hands around his wrists, restraining him more and preventing him from loosening the binds, if it was even possible. He could feel the other, obviously male for no girl he's ever met had hands that large or strong, move closer, could feel his mouth barely grazing by his earlobe, could feel the warmth as a deep voice breathed into his ear, keeping his identity unidentifiable "Stop struggling."

Eeteuk wasn't quite sure what to do. He knew he should probably call out since he still didn't know who had crept into his room in the middle of the night like this. Donghae had left for China earlier that evening, but one of the others would hear if he were loud enough. Something about the other, however, seemed to pique his curiosity and, strangely enough, his trust, and he decided, for now at least, to listen to that soft voice.

No sooner had he come to that decision then he felt a full pair of lips find his and kiss him playfully, the other’s teeth gliding across his lower lip as they bit it softly. Eeteuk parted his lips, pondering asking the same question, but the words got caught in his throat as he felt the other's tongue slip into his mouth even as he the other's hands ran down his naked torso and towards the top of his boxers.

Eeteuk felt his body reacting, felt his member start to throb as it seemed every sensation was somehow heighted by his lack of sight. With a growing hunger, he returned the kiss as the phantom hands stalled on their way down, playing around his treasure trail, teasing him with their proximity.

With their tongues dancing across the other’s, Eeteuk couldn’t stop himself from getting distracted by the teasing fingers that seemed so close, yet so far from the goal. He wanted to feel them start lower again, his body practically cried out for it as the other broke off the kiss, their lips moving lower instead as they gently laid kisses across Eeteuk’s jaw line towards his ear. Eeteuk felt the traveling fingers pause and then lift from his stomach as his earlobe was drawn between a pair of teeth that bit down just firmly enough to border on the edge of pain and pleasure but not actually step over that most thin of lines.

Through the cloth of his boxers, Eeteuk felt the hand come to rest above his cock and resume the playful patterns it had started on his stomach. The sneaking suspicion that this was Heechul was suddenly dismissed as those skilled fingers made their way up and down his shaft and around his balls in seemly random designs. He had played with Heechul enough to notice the difference in technique immediately. Still, he couldn’t help but admit that there was something very exciting about the entire situation and he, once again, decided to remain silent and give himself over to the ministrations of the unknown person who was arousing such sensations throughout his body.

The other’s lips once again found his, but he just couldn’t focus on returning the newest kiss as the above-the-clothes petting teased him mercilessly and his body screamed out for more. Such as the feeling of the other’s hand wrapped full around… Or the feeling of a warm, moist mouth bobbing up and down… For something, anything, more than the playful touches that were working him up so much now.

Just as it seemed the teasing and playing were becoming more then he could handle, Eeteuk felt himself being rolled over by persistent hands placed on his hips. He didn’t fight as he found himself face down in the pillows, his pelvis held slightly above the mattress by the other who placed himself between his knees. His boxers were addressed next and they found their way down his thighs with an almost casual seeming tug from behind. For a moment after, Eeteuk felt nothing, but could hear the other making similar adjustments to their own clothing before he became suddenly aware of something warm and hard poking him rather persistently. He barely had time to let it all register before, in one swift thrust, he felt himself penetrated. A soft cry of surprise, tinged only slightly with pain, escaped his lips but was caught by the pillow his face was still buried in. The other, hands once again holding firmly onto Eeteuk’s hips, began thrusting deeply in a slow, steady rhythm.

The room was quiet. Eeteuk could hear the barely audible grunts coming from deep in the other’s throat as he continued thrusting, utilizing the full length of his sizeable cock. Biting his bottom lip, Eeteuk’s member continued throbbing with the intense arousal coursing through his every vein. The foreplay, the blindfold, his bound hands… all of it played their own parts and it was driving him absolutely wild in a way he’d never experienced before. The room felt hot and he could feel sweat start to glisten on his bare skin. Gradually, he could feel the rhythm behind him increasing and he clenched his fists, still bound behind his back, as the pressure building within him.

Eeteuk squeezed his eyes shut as his breath started coming in quicker, shorter gasps as he felt himself getting closer and closer to climax. Closer and closer he got until finally his body couldn’t take anymore and he moaned, feeling his muscles tense and his body shudder as he went over the edge, cumming quietly into the dark as the other continued towards his own end.

Breathing deeply, Eeteuk laid there, limp and satisfied, and it wasn’t long before he felt the other one falter in his thrusts, their body tensing for several moments before they went limp as well. He slid out of Eeteuk, his grip on Eeteuk’s hips releasing as they both fell down the short distance to the mattress, catching their breaths. As they lay together, Eeteuk could feel the heat from the other’s body, the smooth skin of the other’s chest against his own side and, strangely, he wanted this moment to last. There was something very comforting about this person beside him, even if he didn’t know who it was.

He could hear both of their breathing return to normal, could feel the sweat drying on his own skin and, sooner than he would have liked, he felt the other hoist himself up and could hear him adjusting what Eeteuk assumed were boxers, but could also be pyjama pants. He felt the weight of the other leave the bed and, for an alarming instant, Eeteuk wondered if this person was going to leave him still bound until someone came and found him in the morning. The worry was quickly quieted, however, as the next thing Eeteuk felt was pressure on the silky fabric binding his wrists. The other loosened the binds, but didn’t actually remove them before Eeteuk heard the sound of bare feet heading towards the door.

Eeteuk fought against the fabric and found that he was able to release himself from its confines in short order. With his hands free, he reached up and got the blindfold off just in time to see the other leaving, a black silhouette framed in the doorway by the dim light coming from beyond. The light hurt his eyes after being blindfolded for so long, but he watched as the other paused there only a moment before stepping the rest of the way out and pulling the door closed behind him, submerging Eeteuk in the dark once again.

He blinked in confusion for a moment before struggling to get up and jump from the bed. Yanking up his boxers as he went, Eeteuk ran for the door, wanting nothing more than to find out who had just paid him this late night call. Opening the door with a swift twist of the knob, he rushed out of his own room and into the common room, but looking around, he saw no one around.

With a sigh, he turned around and went back into his room. Closing the door behind him and finding his way back to his bed, he wondered if he’d ever find out who it was.
Ashley Dillondillon45 on November 4th, 2010 01:20 am (UTC)
kangin-ah? is that you?

oh my fucking god i love smut.
kwonmisunkwonmisun on November 4th, 2010 01:52 am (UTC)
Lol that seems like something Yesung would do... and I'm not even a reader of that pairing. Just saying that it seems like Yesung would sneak into someones room. *Shrugs*

I'm gonna go write now!
(Deleted comment)
just_me_kalistajust_me_kalista on November 13th, 2010 02:43 am (UTC)
LOL!! obviously!!
thedevilsthedevils on November 4th, 2010 05:09 am (UTC)

It's hot and so mysterious
Can't guess who is the man???