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I admitted to myself a long time ago that I'm a terrible writer in that I start fics but never finish them. For some reason I can't drop the habit of starting fics though. So here are a couple that have been sitting on my computer for a little while. If you like any of them you can take it and finish it. I totally support this idea! And if this type of post isn't allowed I'll delete this post.

Title: Untitled
Pairing: YeWook
Rating: Supposed to be NC-17 but I didn't get that far. :(
Warning: crossdressing and dirty language along with some other stuff that wan't written.
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Summary: Ryeowook used to dislike the idea of wearing dresses.

Ryeowook wasn’t one for wearing girl’s clothing. He didn’t think he had the right look for it, like Heechul or Leeteuk. He also didn’t find humor in it, like Shindong. So when the company volunteered him to do a CF that involved cross dressing, he was hesitant to agree, but after taking into account his current situation Ryeowook thought he might be able to get used to it.


Yesung was sitting on the couch with Kyuhyun, Donghae, and Siwon, watching a B-rated American movie with Korean subtitles on one of the late night movie networks. They were really into the movie and didn’t notice when the front door of the dorm opened and closed.

As a skulking figure tried to make it’s way past the living room unnoticed Siwon’s head turned.


The figure froze in place.

“What are you wearing?”

The other three guys pulled their eyes off the television screen to examine the newcomer.

Slowly, Ryeowook turned to face his band mates. His head was bowed and the low lighting off the television screen made the color on his face visible, as if embarrassed by the situation he was caught in.

“N-nothing,” he tried to smile and let out a hesitant laugh. “It’s for the CF I filmed today. I’m gonna go change now.” With that Ryeowook tried to make his bid for freedom but not before another voice spoke up.

“Wait, Wookie! We wanna see!” Donghae grinned. He waved his hand to beckon the younger one over. The others gave cheers of agreement.

As Ryeowook shuffled his feet to stand in front of the couch, lights were being turned on to get a better look at the boy.

At first there was gawking faces and silence, which didn’t help Ryeowook’s urge to run away. Then there were squeals of joy that would have made their teenage ELF fans proud. “Wookie! That outfit is adorable!” one of them said.

Said outfit consisted of a white spaghetti strap top underneath a short jean jacket with a frilly baby pink skirt that was cut to about mid-thigh and white leggings underneath. There were cute high heels that went with it but he had left those at the door.

“Put on the wig, too,” Yesung commanded. Apart from the previous exclamations, this was the first thing he had said to Ryeowook since he arrived home but ever since the guys had caught him sneaking in Ryeowook had felt Yesung’s eyes scrutinizing him. Ryeowook had all but forgotten the wig he was clutching at his side. He fiddled with the hair piece—smoothing out the obvious curls. The look on his face at that moment was of intense concentration. Maybe if he focused all of his attention on this they wouldn’t notice how utterly embarrassed he was. But it was too late for that.

Ryeowook reluctantly fitted the wig onto his head and made sure everything was in place. When he put his hands down and turned back towards his audience he was bombarded with cat-calls and wolf-whistles.

If the boy’s face could get any more enflamed from all of the approval it was hard to tell.

The next half hour consisted of twirls, poses, and picture-taking, along with more exclamations of how cute he was. With all of the attention Ryeowook couldn’t help but feel less embarrassed and more proud of himself. Maybe dressing as a girl wasn’t so bad if he could get attention like this. Of course, he wasn’t going to let on this change of heart. He continued to act shy and awkward in front of the guys as they made him reenact the CF he had done, which only made him more endearing to them.

Throughout the presentation Ryeowook would glance at Yesung who had only said that one line to him. If there was anyone’s approval Ryeowook really cared about it was Yesung’s. But every time he looked over at the older boy he was greeted with a smirk and narrowed eyes, which made Ryeowook feel inexplicably guilty and he would quickly turn his own eyes away.

Soon enough the novelty of Ryeowook in drag had worn away and the guys’ attention were turned back towards the television, where another movie had started playing. The boy took this opportunity to slip away to his room so he could change out of the cloths.

The door clicked shut behind him and the first thing to come off was the wig. While he straightened out the hair piece he failed to notice the door to his room opening and closing again, and a figure creeping behind him. That is, until two hands snaked their way around his abdomen and Ryeowook was pulled back against a warm chest. A pair of lips brushed against his neck and ear and a husky voice reverberated through his eardrums, sending a shiver of fear through his body.

“You did that on purpose.” The voice confirmed that it was Yesung whom Ryeowook was trapped against.


The older boy’s lips proceeded to tug at the earlobe they were next to which consequentiantly cut off whatever the younger was about to say. At the same time the hands around his abdomen proceeded to make their way under his tank top. With a gasp Ryeowook dropped the wig and placed his own hands over Yesung’s, but he didn’t know if he was trying to stop him or move them more.

“Were you trying to make me jealous? Hmm? Coming in here dressed like this?”

Title: Complex
Pairing: Kyuhyun-centric with KangTeuk on the side.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: What happens when the baby becomes attached to the Mom?
A/N: I was learning about the Oedipal Complex in my psych class and this idea popped in my head. The story is supposed to go like this: Kyuhyun (baby) becomes attached to Leeteuk (mom)and hates Kangin (dad) but then he realizes that he should be more like the dad. I kinda wont someone to pick this up because I think it could be really interesting.

He was now what his culture deemed the “magnae”. It was a title that held a lot of meaning, both good and bad. But ultimately it translated to being the youngest and the baby. And in a group of 13 the youngest was very far away from the oldest.

The oldest, and the leader of the group, also had a lot of responsibilities. When taking care of 11 other people you tend to take on the role of mother—whether you like it or not. When management told him that there would be another member added to Super Junior, he didn’t even blink. It was another mouth to take care of. Leeteuk did wonder however what in the world they were thinking by making their group so large. By definition they could now be qualified as a mob.

Kyuhyun didn’t like the fact that he was the youngest and had to remember to refer to everyone as hyung, but the fact that there were so many there that would take care of him made up for it. When he joined Super Junior he didn’t really know anyone so he was thankful to Leeteuk for taking him under his wing and being patient with him. Of course, the other members automatically treated him like family and took time to get to know him but there was something about the leader’s affection and care that Kyuhyun liked the most and this made him want to stick to Leeteuk even more.

“Kyuhyun-shi, there’s no bed for you yet so we’re going to set up something for you to sleep on until your mattress gets here,” Leeteuk explained. He, Kyuhyun, and some of the others were sitting in the living room of the dorm, Kyuhyun’s unpacked luggage in a pile by the door.

“Yeah, Manager-hyung is getting some more blankets so you can sleep comfortably in here,” Kangin informed.

Kyunhyun nodded in understanding.

“I don’t think he’s said all of five words to us since we’ve met him,” Yesung said to the others.

Heechul let out a sarcastic laugh. “Would you be running your mouth off after gaining twelve hyungs?”

Ryeowook nodded in agreement and squeezed the magnae’s hand tighter.

Kyuhyun looked between Heechul and Yesung and then stopped his gaze at the leader. “I can talk just fine, hyung.”

Leeteuk gave Kyuhyun a warm smile. “Well, it’s ok if you don’t want to talk so much now. There are plenty of people here to make enough noise for you.”

The manager came back with enough blankets to build a fort, and a small, blue, children’s tent. With the help from the other members, Kyuhyun had his make-shift bed set up in no time- tent and all.

“Looking at your bed is making me sleepy,” Yesung said from behind Leeteuk, his chin propped on the older’s shoulder.

Leeteuk looked at his watch. “I’m not surprised. It is almost 1:30 in the morning. I think it’s time for all of us to tuck in.”

There wasn’t a sound to be heard after all of the members had shuffled off to their respective bedrooms, changed, and made it into their beds. The leader was the last to his bed after making sure the newest member was comfortable and reassuring him that his current sleeping quarters were temporary. He lay in his bed and was about to join his fellow members in dream land when a tentative knock was heard at the door of his and Ryeowook’s shared room. He rolled over and out of the bed, shuffled over to the door, and was surprised to see Kyuhyun standing there when he opened said door.

“What’s wrong?” He weaved his fingers through his already bed ruffled hair.

Kyuhyun sucked in his lower lip and glanced at the older male with the glow of embarrassment on his cheeks. “Can I sleep in your bed tonight?”
Tags: pairing: eeteuk/kangin, pairing: yesung/ryeowook, subject: kyuhyun
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