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This is a bit short..not up to the mark..still then enjoy..

Title: I can die for you..
Author: Anncho
Pairing: Sihan..(side HanHae and Sichul)...
Genere: Angst/Blood/swearing/romance...

Summery: Siwon is a high school teacher..he wanted to be a priest but later he gave up..everything was normal before..but something happened and that changed his whole life..with that he made the greatest mistake of his life..

Notes: just enjoy....

Warning: Lots of swearing..(not in this chapter...later chapters)

important note:**( Brother- before becoming priest,one has to under go training and the guys are labeled as brother and as for ladies they are called as sister and they can't marry)**..

After encountering with the foreign boy, siwon went back to his work, scanning the list for his next class to be taken over by him after some few minutes.Scanning for a second,He found out his room number and was way on his feet ready to make a move towards his destined classroom.As he was about to move, he suddenly heard his name being called out and in an instant he gaped up his face to find principle standing there near the door with a boy behind him...instantly he recognized the boy..."the china boy"...and siwon was curious what was principle doing with this china boy in a faculty staff room...

"Mr.Choi!!!"..'i hope you have met him'..."This is 'Hangeng' and he is going to be in Section 'B"..and i want you to take him along with you to classroom and show him his place.."Suddenly principle spoke up"..

...'Yeah fine sir...i ll do that...siwon replied'...

.."OK then".."young boy" may go along with your teacher and place yourself with others and study hard...alright??? Principle said and indicated the boy to go along with siwon.

Hangeng just nodded and in an instant principle left the staff room leaving both siwon and hangeng there..

..So.."are you ready for your new class boy"??..Siwon slowly spoke up looking at the younger boy who was just standing near him all awkwardly..who just murmerd a small yes before following behind siwon...

As siwon entered Section"B" classroom followed by the new boy behind him, an Instant Greetings were heard in loud chorus from the students seated inside and the teacher who was taking the class greeted both of them and signaled them to get in and they did...both siwon and other faculty, they spoke for a while and later turned their heads towards the students, signaling them by putting their fingers to their lips asking them to be quite for sometime..and the students listened..and kept quite for a while..

And then..

"So dear students".."how have been your studies going so far??"..siwon asked suddenly looking at the pile of students who were staring at them for couple of minutes..

And at an instant go...they all replied...

..And meet "Tan Hangeng"...siwon said looking at the boy signaling him to come near him..and the boy did..

.."He is going to be your new classmate"...siwon interjected...Asking hangeng to step forward and asking him to introduce that hangeng did..

.."Hello every one"...My name is "Tan Hangeng..I came down from china..Hangeng spoke getting very nervous with his very clear accent..

The other faculty saw him nervous and spoke in between with very warm voice and asked hangeng whether he will be able to understand easily whatever is being taught in that hangeng nooded his head and replied.."I will try my best to do it"..and both siwon and other faculty smiled at him.

..Ok Mr.Hangeng..i guess you need to join your new class now...the homeroom teacher spoke up and with that siwon murmerd bye to them and went on his heels...before leaving the room, he just turned back once and glanced at the new boy who was now moving towards the seat to make himself seated with the other fellow students..and suddenly a smile crept over siwons lips and with that he turned around once again and left..

After putting the newbie in his new class..siwon went to his own classroom and went on with his teaching..later..after class,when siwon was walking past the corridor making his way to the staff room..he heard some one rushing up to him..And as he looked back..he found hangeng pacing towards him.stopping right infront of him..

"Whats the matter boy...??"..siwon asked with concerned on his face..

"Sir"...Thank you for today...hangeng said that siwon too smiled with him..

.."No problem young man"..That was my job..and you better study hard..."do you get it??"..siwon told the boy flashing his gentle smile again"..

..hangeng stared at siwon for a while and replied yes sir and instantly excused himself from siwon telling him that he needed to go now and join his other that siwon nodded and gestured with his hand asking him to move...with that both of them left,hangeng to his classrom, whereas siwon to his chamber..

As siwon was relaxing his butt on the chair,suddenly his cell phone that he peeked through his phone and a small smile touched his lips by seeing the callers name in his cell phone..Immediately he picked the phone and answered back...

.."Hello".."Hyung".."whats with the call now ??".."i told you i'll be in school "...siwon said smiling broadly..

..Siwon could hear the other person on the line laughing to himself..And so called caller began to speak..

.."Siwon-ah".."i know that you are in school and busy working".."but i really like to disturb you during your working hours"...the person on other line said mockingly..

..."Hyung"...siwon replied back flashing a pout on his lips...

.."Arrasso".."Arrasso".."i just called to ask you wether you are free after class so that we can hang around for some time and get relaxed..this work is nearly killing me".. the other caller spoke up..and siwon laughed a little..

..."Yeah sure hyung"...where do you want to go?? siwon asked slowly..

..Am just thinking of goin to Bull & Bush(*Club name*)...what do you say??? the other party asked..

..Ummmmm...."Hyung".."can't we go there during weekends???" ;as i ve got classes the next day".."and i don't want to go to school with hungover occupying my head"..siwon asked

.."Yah choi siwon"..'the other caller shouted nearly tourtering siwons ear".."Who told you that we are going to drink".."am just saying we can go and relax our tired ass with the flow of song and enjoy"..."drinks can be done later"..."the other said.."

..Ahhh...'so you meant that'....siwon asked with innocent voice as if he didn't know anything..

.."Ya you asshole"..."i meant that"..."you dumb head"..other party spoke up..

.."OKie then hyung"..."see you after the work"...siwon said and hung up the phone..

...Siwon just knew he was about to mess up again with his hyung, so intentionally he hung up the phone...

After the conversation with his hyung..siwon went back to his work..and never saw one of the student standing behind him for so long time...he didn't had any clue and was so immersed into his so called maths book..that he never looked back to see the young student gazzing at him with long look on his face..


To be continued...
Tags: pairing: hangeng/donghae, pairing: hangeng/siwon, pairing: heechul/siwon
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