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Perfect Lies (chapter 3)

title: Perfect Lies (chapter 3)
pairing: Kyumin ♥
rating: PG
summary: Cho Kyuhyun was asked to take care of Lee Sungmin, who pretended that he has an amnesia.

The next morning, I made my first move. When we were eating our breakfast, I told him.

“Kyuhyun-shi… I’m so glad I can remember now what happened before the accident”
Kyuhyun stopped eating for a while and widen his eyes, smiled.
“really? What? Tell me something”
I paused, set my eyes above pretending I was thinking.
“I was on my way to apply for a job”
“that’s really a good sign Sungmin-shi.. I hope you’ll remember everything soon.”
“yes…I hope so” I said happily knowing I’ve accomplished my first move.
“because of that… let’s go now to the therapist…go change your clothes now” he said still smiling.
I just stared at him still can’t believe. “heh?”
I couldn’t do anything but to follow, hoping something will happen to postpone it again but no. I couldn’t think of ways anymore. I couldn’t lie this time.
So, on the way, I crossed my finger. Rain started to fall, getting heavier. This time we got there, he pulled the door of the car. We didn’t bring an umbrella so we had to run. But my heart jumped of success after seeing the sign.”The doctor is OUT”
I thank God for that. So we ran again back to the car. We want to go home early because he still has many documents to read. Upon riding the car, Kyuhyun said
“Aiisshh..sorry Sungmin,”
“it’s really okay.. I don’t really need a therapist anyway. I can remember anything soon by myself”
“I still want you to go, for you to remember sooner”
I sighed. He started the engine then we went home.
When we got home, I quickly went to my room. I was quite shivering. Then I sneezed. After changing my wet clothes, I went downstairs to ask one of the maids.
“excuse me..do you have a medicine for cough or colds?”
“yes sir. Here” she quickly get the tablet then handled me.
“thank you”
I heard Kyuhyun going down
“what’s going on here?”
He saw the medicine I was holding. “you sick?”
He quickly put his palm on my forehead. “You’re hot”. He said.
He went to the kitchen sink to get some water and a towel then pulled my hand and brought me up to my room.
He squeezed the towel in the bucket.
“put this on”
I hesitated.”But---“
He quickly pushed me to lay down on the bed then he put the wet towel on my forehead.
“the doctor asked me to take care of you.. I’m just doing my job”
I was touched with what he said.
“And oh, yeah. I know now…I’m sorry” he added.
“for what?”
“I am the reason why you’re sick. I let you ran although it’s raining”
“no, it’s me… I’m sorry, I get sick easily” I said.
He smiled and said “just get well soon”
Then he headed towards the door.
“Kyuhyun-shi!..” I called him.
He turned
“Thank you”
He nodded then continued walking.
Hours later someone knocked and opened the door.
“Lunch is ready” I was surprised for the first time I saw Kyuhyun called me, not one of his maids.
“yeah, I’ll just go down”
“no, I brought you your lunch”
His whole body showed up then I saw the tray with a bowl and a spoon.
I was really touched. He opened the bowl.
“Porridge?” I said in surprise.
“yeah..?” he answered.
“a porridge for lunch?”
His smile vanished.
“can’t you just say thank you?”
I laughed.
“I was just kidding…THANK YOU! There!”
He smiled and watched me eat.
“I’m sorry for what I said about the ‘familiarize’ thing.” He said
“the what?”
“sorry when I told you not to familiarize yourself here”
“oh…that’s alright” I said.
“oh, where’s Ryeowook? I didn’t see her today” I asked.
“she’s out of the country”
“really? Oh..sorry”
“why saying sorry? She’s just at work.”
“at work? Abroad?”
“yeah, she was assigned to settle something out abroad.. I’ll go out now. If you’re finished you can call the maids to bring the tray downstairs.”
He left. I didn’t call the maids after eating. I will just disturb them. So I was the one to bring it down.
When the night came, my feelings got better. I decided to go to Kyuhyun’s office to ask if he needs some help.
When I got in there, I saw him sleeping. I came closer, looked at his face closely.
“you Cho Kyuhyun…you look evil when sleeping”
I remembered the time he scared me when we were watching. It was a prank. So I got an idea for revenge. I searched for the least pointed pen he has then started to draw a mustache between his nose and lips. While I was drawing, he woke up. Our eyes got wider at the same time realizing our faces were only inches away. I pulled my body up. He saw me with a pen holding.
“what did you do?”
He looked on the mirror and surprised to see a small line between his nose and lips.
I said sorry, looked down and closed my eyes, waiting for him to scold me. But I was surprised when I heard burst a laugh.
“hahaha…this is the first time I saw my face with a thin half mustache..(continue laughing)”
I faked a laugh. He’s the only person I know who laughed with that prank.
“sorry” I shouted so that he can hear it.
“it’s nothing” he said then went to the comfort room to remove it.
When he came out, he gave me a look while wiping his face.
“Aishh, just don’t do it anymore, it’s so hard to remove”
I laughed secretly saying sorry again.
“anyway, how do you feel now? Well, it seems like there’s an improvement”
“Oh yeah, I’m feeling better now. Thanks.”
“you should rest a little bit more you know”
I went outside and went to my room to sleep already. I forgot to eat dinner. As minutes passed by, my stomach started to growl. I can’t sleep. I always change my position trying to fall asleep.
Then I heard the door opened. I knew it was Kyuhyun because I smelled his scent.
I pretended I was sleeping to avoid being scolded by him.
I opened my left eye to see what he’s doing. I saw him put a tray on the table behind me then he turned. I again closed my eyes.
I heard a sound of a cloth suddenly wrapped around me. I knew he covered me my blanket. Then I heard few steps then the door closed.
I opened my eyes. Relieved to see the tray with foods. I jumped off the bed then quickly dig the food.
After eating my dinner, I decided to just bring the tray back in the morning so I slept.
I woke up because of a strong masculine scent I smelled the next morning. When I opened my eyes, I saw him.
“morning” he greeted me with a smile.
“yah..” I groaned.
“I just brought your breakfast..eat it okay?”
Then he left.
I shouted ‘thank you’ so that he can hear it even if it’s late. I saw the medicine on the tray. I realized the kindness the whole time he’s giving me. I suddenly felt again the regret in my heart. How long am I gonna live like this? It’s killing me. I can’t decide what to do. How to say it, and when’s the right time.
After eating my breakfast, and after throwing another medicine, I went downstairs to see Kyuhyun.
“Kyuhyun-shi..thank you for the foods you’re giving me…but please..
I can get it on my own. You don’t have to go to my room giving it everyday”
He smiled and said.
“Sungmin-ah.. I just did it yesterday, and this morning because you’re sick”
“that’s very nice of you. Thank you very much”. I laughed softly.
“I thought…” I added, breaking my sentence.
“you thought what?”
“nothing. I forgot what to say”
“oh, common… what’s happening to your brain? Forgetting everything” he said, kidding.
I chuckled.
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