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made in china

Title: made in china
Author: kimochi501
Pairing: donghae/eunhyuk [haehyuk] and sungmin/ryeowook [minwook]
Genre: fail!crack, mpreg, smut, romance
Rating: pg-15
Warning: sexy time, cursing, crazy fangirls and MPREG.
Summary: what will happen if eunhyuk and donghae got pregnant?
A/n : this is my very first MPREG fic so please bear with it. english is not my first language as well so im sorry for some grammar mistakes. Sorry for some typos as well. Enjoy and please leave me a comment.

“the both of you, you need to get ready.” Leeteuk said with teary eyes to sungmin and donghae. The two swallowed the invisible lumps in their throat but before the liquid goes down two loud voices were heard from the bathroom. They all rush towards the direction of the sound and was shock to see two figures crying on the floor with positive pregnancy test kit in their hands. As Leeteuk saw them the eldest’ vision got blurry and he came face to face with the floor making the rest panic.
Tags: pairing: eunhyuk/donghae, pairing: ryeowook/sungmin
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