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21 November 2007 @ 11:23 pm
This is my First. Fic. Ever.
Any input AT ALL would be very appreciated.
Title/theme and pairing were decided by a roll of a die.
Title: I Has a Gwape
Pairing: Siwon/Kangin (?!)
Rating: R, probably.

"I has a gwape."

   "Wait. Wait, what?" A slightly bedraggled and extremely confused Kangin emerged from beneath the crumpled covers. "Seriously. What?"
   "A gwape. A gwape!" Kangin blinked blearily as Siwon's giggles of amusement met his ears. It's far too early in the morning for this shit, Kangin thought. Don't make me smack a bitch. Despite his malicious musings, he sat up in bed to better observe the muscled man in his native habitat.
   "Siwon, you has more than a... gwape. And you have more than a grape. That's a whole fucking plant." In Kangin's world, it was never too early for sarcasm. Or obscenities. His comment wasn't too far off, though -- balanced in Siwon's lap was an overflowing bowl of big red grapes, glistening with water. Siwon was deftly popping the fruit into his mouth, one at a time. Kangin followed their trajectory with his eyes. Up they'd fly, arcing gracefully before landing in Siwon's open mouth. After about a dozen grapes had met their end, Siwon realized that he was being watched.
   "What, do you want one?" Siwon raised a perfect eyebrow, and popped a particularly juicy-looking grape into his mouth. He sucked slowly on it, and then proceeded to spit it, with great force, at everyone's favourite baldy. It nailed Kangin right between the eyes. "Awright! Score!" Siwon laughed and began his game of throw-and-catch again.
    "What the hell? Was that a challenge?" Kangin furrowed his brow. His manliness had been assaulted, his ego bruised! Now he was out for revenge. No one out-manlies Kangin! As the next grape came down, Kangin shoved Siwon's head out of the way and caught the grape in his own mouth. He laughed triumphantly and swallowed the thing whole.
    "If you wanted one that badly, I could've given it to you nicely!" Kangin's smile faded as he caught the grin on Siwon's face. "I prefer to do things... nicely." Siwon popped a grape into his own mouth, and before Kangin could react, Siwon had grabbed Kangin's shaved head and brought it to his own. With his lips, he pressed the sweet thing against Kangin's, forcing him to open his mouth and accept the fruit. He pulled back in time to watch the chaos that was Kangin's face: his forehead expressing confusion and anger; his lips, distaste; and his eyes... Well, Siwon could swear he saw a spark of desire. Who wouldn't? He thought. Sparks were never enough for Siwon, though. It was time to start a fire.
   "Now, wasn't that tasty? How about we have another?" Siwon's air of condescension did nothing to placate Kangin's mounting displeasure with the situation. Who was he to toy with Kangin? His suggestively raised eyebrows, however, encouraged the slightest of blushes to appear on Kangin's cheeks. Goddamn him, Kangin thought.
    Siwon placed another grape between his lips and slowly rolled it around in his mouth, pushing it about with his tongue. He stared at Kangin as he gently sucked on it, causing Kangin's eyes to widen in something halfway between excitement and fear. But Siwon soon pulled the grape from his mouth, gave it a slow and deliberately final lick, and offered it to Kangin.
"Your turn," he whispered.
   Kangin was reluctant to open his mouth, but much to his chagrin he found it opening of its own accord. He couldn't stifle the gasp that was almost certainly the result of a certain someone apparently grabbing his nether regions. Kangin soon found himself thinking upon the many uses of a simple grape -- or gwape, as it were -- and the exciting circumstances one could bring about. By this time, at least four grapes had been passed both forcibly and orally between the two men. Kangin began to sweat.
    "And would you like one more?" Siwon held a grape between two fingers. Somehow, it managed to sparkle menacingly. Kangin could do little more than nod at this point. It seemed he had developed a newfound appreciation for small, round, seedless fruit. Who'd have thunk it? But instead of forcing the grape and his tongue into the waiting Kangin's mouth, Siwon began to put painstaking effort into slowly and frustratingly peeling the grape. Kangin grunted in anticipation.
   "...Wonnnnnie...!" Kangin whined. Siwon smiled with deceptive sweetness.
   "Be patient, little one. Your gwape will come." Kangin pouted. He found the lack of contact between Siwon's tongue and the roof of his mouth rather disconcerting. He grunted again. "You really are in a hurry, aren't you...? Surely you can wait for one little grape?" Apparently, thought Siwon, you can't. Kangin had pounced upon the focused man, taking advantage of Siwon's momentary grape-related distraction. Aha! He thought triumphantly. Now Kangin has the upper hand! But before he could so much as tear Siwon's t-shirt from his rock-solid body, Siwon had flipped him over and pinned him to the bed.
   "Nice try, baldy, but you'll have to do better than that." As Siwon's hungry eyes met Kangin's desperate ones, a striking revelation hit him right where the first grape had hit Kangin -- squarely between the eyes.
   Grapes don't taste as good as Kangin.
   To further test this theory, Siwon leaned down and slowly traced his tongue around Kangin’s lips.
   “Yummy,” he whispered, smirking and satisfied. Kangin’s momentary confusion was only that as his focus was swiftly brought to his sudden lack of pants. Oh well, he thought. They were only getting in the way. Kangin felt that it would only be appropriate to return the favour, and Siwon’s newly-liberated pants were cast unceremoniously unto the floor. To hell with the pants… what’s hiding beneath is far more interesting. Lips crashed against lips and clumsy hands struggled with pesky boxers. Their sweat-slicked bodies grinded and rubbed against each other, the only sounds in the room their desperate moans. The grapes were all but forgotten now.
   Kangin’s eyes opened for a moment, and the god-like perfection of Siwon’s body gave him pause. He could barely take it all in, because once again he felt Siwon’s hand around his dick. His breath hitched in his throat, and he thrust into Siwon’s hand. He bucked his hips hard, in search of friction – sweet friction – and Siwon’s heat. He soon found his hand clasped in Siwon’s, and found it led to the man’s own pulsing cock. Kangin knew it would’ve been rude to decline the offer. Together they stroked, caressed, moaned. It wasn’t long before they came; Siwon gently biting Kangin’s arched neck, Kangin crying Siwon’s name. As their breathing slowed and their sweat dried, something quite serious occurred to Kangin. Breakfast had not yet been served!
   “Ah, that was…um. Fun. But now I’m hungry.
   “Even after that? Well, Leeteuk did leave some nice strawberries in the fridge. In fact, I was just thinking that they could use some fresh cream.”
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Dayablessedangel13 on November 22nd, 2007 04:42 am (UTC)

candymint on November 22nd, 2007 04:50 am (UTC)
yoochuns_loveryoochuns_lover on November 22nd, 2007 05:51 am (UTC)
O.O...................................................*dies from hotness*

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH..................“Even after that? Well, Leeteuk did leave some nice strawberries in the fridge. In fact, I was just thinking that they could use some fresh cream.”
I love this sentence.....LOL.

*hugs u for such a great fanfic*

한나양: ft islanddalpaengee on November 22nd, 2007 07:15 am (UTC)
(yes that actually says something if you look close enough)

how is it possible for me to be cracking up and totally turned on at the same time? seriously. its magic, i swear.

and to think that i never thought of KangWon before...
captainswankcaptainswank on November 23rd, 2007 04:54 am (UTC)