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Rumours and Roses (Chapter 8)

Chapters: 8
Pairing: Kyumin
Rating: pg
Summary: Kyuhyun is one of the most popular guys in school, until a rumor gets out and the entire school turns on him. That is except for the new kid who loves pink.
Warnings: Character Death (please don’t hate me)

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A/N: Soo sorry for the delay… but I had waaaaay too much homework to do and had almost no time to post… and sorry if there is mistakes in my writing… this chapter is kind of blah cuz I rushed through it… but anyway hopefully you’ll enjoy it! Comments make me write faster... =]

"It’s always just a drunken night with Heechul" Hankyung sighed staring at the floor. Jaejoong bit his lip in nervousness. This had never had happened between them, the tension that made them uncomfortable with each other.

"I'm sorry" Jaejoong said his voice barely audible.

The knocking on the door woke Jaejoong up from his sleep. He turned to the clock that read 7:00 Pm on it, he didn’t know when he had fallen asleep but the last thing he remembered was crying. He looked at the mirror which was placed on the shelf in front of the bed, his cheeks were red and they were still stained by tear drops. 'I'm not going back to her this time' he thought ‘one or two times is forgivable but the third time... No! I’m going to  stay strong this time’ Jaejoong was expecting to see Ga-in, his so called girlfriend, with a lame excuse on why he was kissing Jokwon ‘Gosh is he even straight?’. Jaejoong rolled his eyes as he opened the door, but to his surprise, it wasn’t Ga-in but… Heechul?‘Why the hell is he here?’ Jaejoong force a smile.


“Hey! Heechul hyung what are you doing here?”

Heechul scoffed “Common just the crap I know what happened with Ga-in, look at yourself…” Heechul grabbed the younger’s hand “you’re crying over a girl who doesn’t even know the definition of love…”the older sighed “common lets go for a walk… you need some fresh air.” Jaejoong didn’t understand why Heechul was being so nice to him, they didn’t even talk to each other that much, and Jaejoong wouldn’t have even met Heechul if it wasn’t for Hankyung. But Jaejoong nodded, what Heechul had said was right so he went with him.

The Next Day…

Jaejoong woke up to the sound of his alarm clock ringing. His head hurt like hell, well the drinking last night would explain that but his whole body felt sore. He didn’t remember how he got home and ended up in his bed. But that was when he realized that he was naked.

“Oh My God! Shut that thing up!”  Jaejoong heard a familiar voice. He turned to see who it was and to his surprise it was Heechul. He jumped off his bed and grabbed the blanket that was closest and wrapped it around himself.

“h-hyung…” Jaejoong eyes widened and tears started trickling down his cheek as he started to remember what happened the night before. Heechul sighed and got off the bed. He walked over to the younger. Jaejoong knew what he had done was wrong. He knew that Heechul meant a lot to his best friend, who was now in China. Heechul wiped the tears that ran down the latter’s face and cupped his hands on the other’s cheek.

“Jaejoong-ah” he tried to comfort the other but all that he did was make him feel even worse.

“Leave me alone!” Jaejoong said “go away this is wrong!”  tears uncontrollably ran down the younger’s face and Heechul hugged him. “Go away!” Jaejoong yelled as he moved away from the elder.

“Okay… okay”  Heechul backed off, he put on his clothes and was about to walk out the door, he glanced back at Jaejoong who was on the floor by then hugging his knees, trying to hold back his tears, “this wasn’t your first time was it? I mean with a-” Jaejoong didn’t answer that but it was quite clear what the answer was.  

“Let’s talk about something else…” Hankyung said “So how was school so far? What did you do today?” Jaejoong smiles he didn’t want to upset his friend no more so he cheered up.

“Hmm... what did I do today? Oh! I stopped a fight… flirted a little with Yunho… and oh I learned what NaCl is!...” Hankyung chuckled.

“Wow you haven’t changed a bit… I’m glad you came here…”


I can show you the world…

Shining, shimmering, splenidid…

Tell me princess now when did…

You last let your heart decide…”

“Wow! Sungmin was right! You do have a great voice” Kyuhyun stopped singing and turned back to see who had appeared out of nowhere. He let out a breath when he saw that it was just Zhoumi.

“What are you doing here?” Kyuhyun asked. Zhoumi looked around as if inspecting the place. There was a pond in front them that was surrounded by trees and grass a log that Kyuhyun was sitting on and leaves that fell off the branches. The older smiled.

“You didn’t think that you were the only one who knew about this place did you?” Kyuhyun shrugged.

“Well this place is supposed to be haunted by the ghost of Zhanglae isn’t it?” he asked.

“Yeah, he is supposedly walking around this beautiful forest” he paused “but I don’t think anyone even knows about this side of the forest… well except for me and you of course.” Zhoumi said he sat down beside Kyuhyun the trees towering over them. The two let out a heavy breath, this place; it seemed almost too good to be true. There was no one to judge them, no one to nag them, all there was, was a pond with fishes that were swiming, crickets that chirped which almost sounded melodic to them by now and the sound of the slight breeze that made the leaves to ruffle.

“So… when was the first time you came here?” Kyuhyun asked.

“two years ago, I was walking home after the last day of 9th grade and my friends were at this party that I wasn’t invited to…” Zhoumi chuckled “I felt like a loser then so I came into the forest thinking that the ghost might as well kill me since no one cared about me anyway… I found this place then, I thought about a lot of things then and I fell asleep when I woke up there was something right in front of me, it was dark so I couldn’t see properly so I ran as fast as I could to get out of their but later I realized that it was just a squirrel… but yeah that was the first time I felt so relaxed so I started coming here more often.” Zhoumi said. “what about you?”

“it was pretty much the same except for the falling asleep part and the squirrel thing you know?” the two laughed “but let’s keep this between us okay?”  Zhoumi gave the other his signature smile



2 to 3 weeks later…..

“I’M GOING TO SCHOOL!” Kyuhyun yelled out to Shindong as he came down the stairs with his bag slung over his shoulder and hurrying to get out of the house.

“Wait! Wait!” Shindong came out from the kitchen with a container in his hand. “What’s the rush? You didn’t even eat breakfast… there’s still 1 hour for school to start and it’s only a 15 minute walk from here.”

“I'm going to spend time with Zhoumi before that…” Kyuhyun said

“But you always spend time with him… you come home late every single day…” Shindong said.

“What are you jealous?” The younger asked with a smirk on his face.

“No…but I don’t even get time to talk to you anymore… and we live together, that’s sad”

“Okay… I’ll come home early today… but can I go now?”

“Okay… well here since you didn’t have breakfast anyway… at least eat lunch…” Shindong handed the container to Kyuhyun. The younger smiled and accepted it.

“Thanks! you’re the best…”

“Yeah…yeah… I’m only doing this because your parents aren’t around… when they come to visit you and they see you even skinnier than you are now… their gonna find some way to blame me for it…” Kyuhyun smiled and gave Shindong a hug.

“I’ll come back home early today…” he whispered into the elder’s ear and kissed his cheek, much like what a 5 year old would do after they got in trouble with their mother.  

“okay bye…”

“Baaaaaahye” Kyuhyun walked out the doors smiling. His cell phone wrung and when he looked it was Jaejoong. He flipped his cell phone open and started to talk.

“Hey Jay! What’s up?”

“Hey! You HAVE to read this!” Jaejoong said from the other side.

“Read what?”

“I’ll meet you at school in about half an hour… be there this is so cool!” Jaejoong cut the phone before Kyuhyun could even reply.

“What? Urgg” Kyuhyun groaned he really needs to stop hanging up on me. Kyuhyun tried to call Jaejoong back but he had turned off his cell phone.

Kyuhyun and Zhoumi walked into school together talking. They lived near each other so they walked to school together. As time passed they got closer, close enough to trust the other with almost anything. They shared secrets with each other, like the time when Kyuhyun told Zhoumi that he might possibly like a certain pink loving boy, or the time when Zhoumi told that he was going out a certain ninth grade chipmunk. They hung out at ‘their place’ a lot they sang, giving each other tips on how to improve. Wow who ever thought that after all the shit I went through this would be how it end up. Kyuhyun thought.

“Hey guys!” a voice called from behind them. The two turned to see Henry. “Kyuhyun-ah do you mind if I borrow Zhoumi for a while?” Kyuhyun smiled at the younger.

“Of course not… he’s all yours.” Kyuhyun said.

“Thanks…” Zhoumi turned to Kyuhyun.

“I’ll see you at lunch?” Kyuhyun nodded. He watched as the two walked off and Zhoumi squeezed Henry’s butt making sure no one else sees, and Henry giggled and hit the elder’s arm playfully. Kyuhyun chuckled inside and started to make his way to his locker.

“Kyuhyun-ah!” Jaejoong as he walked towards Kyuhyun.

“Hey! What was it that you said that I have to read?” Jaejoong pulled out a pink book from his bag and handed it to the latter.

“What is this?”

“Sungmin’s diary.” Jaejoong said with a proud smile.

“How did you get this?” Kyuhyun asked eye brows narrowed.

“Oh I bumped in to him yesterday in the hallway after third period… one of his books fell down… I guess he didn’t notice…”

“Oh… but why would you read it? Diary’s are supposed to be personal...” Kyuhyun said

“I’m sorry but I didn’t know what it was… and when I started reading it was actually very interesting… just read it you’ll thank me later…”

“What’s in it?

“Just start reading where the book mark is… that’s his first day in the school…”

“umm” Kyuhyun wasn’t sure if he wanted to read it. Diary’s are supposed to be personal and what if had something that Sungmin didn’t want me to know what if- his thought were interrupted by Yunho. He wanted to know if Jaejoong can help him with his math home work… again. Jaejoong had been tutoring him for math for the past three weeks or so, and surprisingly his marks have improved. And with that Jaejoong and Yunho walked off, leaving Kyuhyun alone once more. Kyuhyun stared at the book in confusion. There was still 30 minutes for the bell to ring, and Kyuhyun did want to know what it had in it that made Jaejoong so interested in reading it, so he walked to the library found a good spot to sit and started reading the book.

Dear diary,

Today was the first day at school… it was really interesting… it’s really different than Daegu… My homeroom teacher is Mr. Park full name Park Leeteuk, he’s really nice. He said I needed to this project for school… so I asked this really cute guy to help me… and he said yes! But for some reason he looked so… depressed. He was frowning almost all of the class period. Yeah so then after school, he came over to the house and he said my garden was really beautiful… finally some one appreciates it… but yeah so I made him ramen for him, and he said that I’m a great cook… I mean its ramen how hard is it to make that? He is so nice! And wow he’s hot too-

“Hey Kyuhyun… what are you doing?” a voice interpreted his reading. He looked up and it was Sungmin. He was walking towards him. Kyuhyun closed the book and shoved it into his back hoping that Sungmin didn’t see. “What were you reading?”

“Umm… not important… I was just editing…uhh… the essay Henry had to write for English…” Kyuhyun lied. Yeah....that works. he thought.

“Oh yeah… he was telling me about that… so is he good at writing?” he asked.

“umm Very.”



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