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Joker's Ball Chapter 3 part 1

 Title: Joker's Ball
Author: kanabaka1 
Pairings: Yesung/Heechul, Sungmo/Jungmo, Simon D/Jonghoon, Sangchu/Mithra, Natsun/Jonghyun, MinWoo/Hongki, brief Min Woo/Heechul, past every1/Heechul
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Yesung also wants to be part of Heechul's Joker's Ball but Heechul ignores his request. Why is Heechul so cold to him?
Disclaimer: The tiny voice in my head is screaming yes I do own them. Unfortunately the law is telling me no. So everyone in this fic belongs to their respective selves or whatever.
Warning: Kidnapping, bondage

A/N:This fic does not have a beta :/ Hopefully I will have one soon... Also I kind of write as I go. Only my general summary is planned out. Meaning that bondage, spanking, etc may work its way in here. I have no control over my imagination XD However, I will warn for each chapter what is in there

This fic is dedicated to be_ddelusionall  because she's kinda the reason why I'm writing again anyways. Also, because Heenim is her god. Also to ritsuka1 

Previous Chapters: 1 2 1.5

Chapter 3 Part 1

"All rise. The meeting will now begin. You know the drill people. Say your name, something about my goddess looks, and our club motto. No funny business this time." Heechul bang the gavel again and collasped into a chair.

As the members went through their introductions, Heechul stared off into space. He was so out of it that he didn't even notice that the members had finished their introductions and were now chatting amongst themselves.

"Heenim seems...distracted lately. He ended the last two meetings early." stated Jonghyun.

"Don't forget that he didn't even participate in Techno Strip night," added Simon D.

"That's right! Heenim always says techno and stripping are two peas in a haystack. You can't find one without the other," piped up Mithra.

"You have your idioms mixed up dear, but you've all made some valid points. Something's going on and we need to find out what it is. It is time for..." Hongki paused, enjoying the dramatic effect,"the interrogation."

The members exchanged conspiratal looks before slowly rising from their seats.

Meanwhile, Heechul sat in his seat twiddling his thumbs. He wasn't worried about the members. "They're probably having an orgy right now." he muttered to himself. Instead he was thinking about Yesung. Deep in his thoughts, Heechul barely had time to scream as a strong arm covered his mouth and nose.

Heechul woke up with a moan. His head was killing him. He reached up to rub it, only to realize that his hands were shackled. A slight move of his legs made him quickly realize that his legs were bound too. Heechul warned himself not to and figure out what happened. "This is nothing to worry about. I'm just shackled to, judging by the softness, what could only be a bed. It's pitch black and I'm alone. And naked. Things could be worse, I could be with a girl right now. All I have to do is figure out who brought me here and why." The last thing he remembered was his screams being muffled and a sickenely sweet smell...

At that moment, the lights in the room cut on. Heechul closed his eyes against the sudden brightness. "This is it. It's over. My ened is near. I never even got to..." his thoughts cut off abruptly as a body jumped on top of him.

With a groan, Heechul opened his eyes only to see Hongki's face. Heechul looked around Hongki and saw the other members surrounding the bed.

"Yah! You kidnapped me!" Heechul screamed.

"Don't think of it as kidnapping. Think of it as a kinky sex game complete with chloroform." responded Natsun.

"Besides, how else were we going to tie you up without a struggle?" added Sungmo.

"And why do you idiots want to tie me up?" Heechul hissed, eyes narrowing.

"Something's obviously wrong with you. And since you won't tell us willingly, we'll get it out of you with a little coercion in the form of a whole lot of pleasure and some slight pain," answered Jungmo.

"Heenim," Min Woo stated, bending over to pick up a box off the floor. He carried the box to the head of the bed, motioning with his head for Hongki to get off of Heechul's chest. Hongki complied, sitting on the edge of the bed to the right of Heechul. Min Woo sat on the left side of the bed, supporting the box in his lap. He leaned over a slightly flustered Heechul and whispered, " Welcome to the Interrogation." With that, Min Woo straightened back up and tipped the contents of the box in his lap onto Heechul's chest. Heechul looked down and noted various vibrators, rainbow colored cock rings, a feather duster, numerous tubes of lube, and a whip lying on his stomach.

"Stupid sex fiends," he thought to himself.
A/N: Part 2 coming soon ;)
Tags: pairing: heechul/yesung, with: epik high, with: ft island, with: shinee, with: shinhwa, with: trax

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