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School Troubles

title: School Troubles
characters/pairings: SiHanChul, YunJaeHan, Heechul/Jaejoong, Heechul/Hankyung/Jaejoong, and other common pairings that will surface sooner or later.
genre: Comedy/Crack (sometimes), angst, love rectangles
rating: Rated R scenes are expected to come, but for now... it's PG-13.
notes: This is going to be a long, chaptered fic. Warning: This story is full of bitches and messy love relationships!
summary: Twin brothers Heechul and Jaejoong have entered their second year of high school in an all-boys (and therefore all-gays) school. Declaring themselves straight, both of them have promised themselves that they will not turn gay for the rest of the time in their school, but things like detention and Hankyung might prove to be a bit more then a slight distraction.

How long can two hot, new students stay straight in an all-gay school?
Tags: ot3: heechul/hangeng/siwon, ot3: other, with: dbsg

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