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AU Contest Entry

Title: Chicken Hunt
Author: Vy
Pairing: Kid!Sungmin and Kid!Donghae
Rating: PG
Summary: Sungmin's got the chicken pox, so the two boys goes looking for the chicken!
A/N:  The boys here are both 5 years old. YAY! And by the way, Sungmin's little brother is Sungjin. 


Donghae sat on his couch, watching TV with mild interest. Today was the day he was going to see his best friend Sungmin. After not being able to see the boy for almost 2 weeks, his mother finally said they could go visit him. But now came the waiting part. The 5-year-old sighed moodily and turned towards his parents’ bedroom.

"Mommy when are we going to go see Minnie?" the little boy whined, growing more impatient by the minute.

"We’ll go soon ok?" his mom replied as she walked out into the living room.

"Can we go now?" he asked, crawling off of the couch.

"Yes, we can go now." his mom sighed. Donghae let out a cheer of excitement and raced for the door. His mom followed behind him and they got on the elevator. They headed up to apartment number 601 where Sungmin lived. The elevator dinged and the doors slid open. Donghae jumped out and walked down the hallway, looking for his friend’s house. He stopped in front of the right apartment and waited for his mother to catch up. It was only polite to wait for her. That and he was too short to reach the doorbell. She walked up to the door and rang the bell. Donghae looked up at his mother and smiled widely. The door then opened and revealed Sungmin's mom.

"Hello." She greeted her friend and allowed them to step inside.

"Hi, how have you been holding up?" Donghae's mom asked as the two women stepped into the living room.

"It’s been hard trying to keep up with him and Sungjin, but now that he’s getting better it should be all right."

"I imagine the poor boy is bored stiff."

"He is. He hasn’t been allowed to see anybody for a long time now." Sungmin's mom replied, sitting down on the couch with Donghae's mom. She then turned to face Donghae.

"Sweetie, Sungmin’s in his room. Why don’t you go and see him?" she suggested. Donghae nodded and smiled before turning and bouncing into Sungmin’s room.

Donghae opened the door to Sungmin’s room very carefully and peered inside.


"I’m here." Came a small whisper. Donghae opened the door even wider and walked inside, closing it behind him. Sungmin was sitting up in his bed dressed in his white pajamas.

"Hi." Donghae grinned, jumping onto the bed with his friend.

"Hi Donghae." Sungmin greeted back.

"I missed you, Minnie. Where have ya been?" Donghae asked the other boy.

"I’ve been sick, dummy." Sungmin replied.

"Oh." Donghae said quietly. He took a good look at Sungmin’s face, suddenly aware of the little red spots that decorated it.

"Where’d those come from?" he asked, poking a red spot on Sungmin’s cheek.

"Ow! Stop that!" Sungmin whined, pushing Donghae away.

"Well, where did they come from? You didn’t have them the last time I saw you." Donghae said, curiously looking at Sungmin.

"Mommy called them chicken pox." Sungmin replied. Donghae tilted his head to the side.

"Chicken pox?" Donghae repeated unsurely.

"Uh huh. Sungjin had ‘em first, and then I got ‘em." Sungmin replied woefully. Donghae blinked and screwed up his face in thought.

"Where would the chicken have come from though?" he asked thoughtfully. Sungmin gave his friend a look that clearly said ‘I-have-no-clue-what-you’re- talking-about-and you’re-starting-to-scare-me.’

"What?" he said at last.

"Well, there had to be a chicken nearby when you got the chicken pox right?" Donghae said logically.

"Maybe..." Sungmin said, starting to become convinced. Donghae nodded firmly and got off of the bed, pulling Sungmin down with him.

"Where we goin’ Donghae?" The boy asked dazedly, following his friend closely.

"We’re going to look for that chicken." Donghae replied, opening the door.


"Well, it’s gotta be here somewhere still right? After all, Sungjin got sick first. And then you got sick. That chicken is pure evil." Donghae said, venturing out into the hall. Sungmin rolled his eyes and followed Donghae. Although, what the other was saying made sense. He couldn’t argue with true logic now could he? The two little boys wandered down the hallway, looking for anything suspicious. Donghae suddenly dropped to all fours and started crawling on the floor. He grabbed Sungmin’s hand and pulled him down on the ground with him.

"This is in case the chicken decides to do an airflorne attack." Donghae said before Sungmin could question him.

"I thought it was called airborne?" Sungmin inquired as he crawled on the floor next to Donghae.

"No. Because a chicken can’t be born in the air, silly. But it can be florne."

"What does florne mean?"

"I think it has something to do with flying." Donghae shrugged as he pushed open the bathroom door.

"Sungminnie, turn on the lights!" Donghae whispered frantically. Sungmin sighed and stood on the stool by the sink, flipping on the light switch. Donghae slowly stood up and his eyes darted from side to side.

"Hmm........interesting. Very interesting." Donghae said thoughtfully, placing his chin in his hand.

"What’s very interesting?" Sungmin asked.

"I don’t know. I just heard all the detectives on TV say it." Sungmin closed his eyes and lightly whacked Donghae behind the head.

"Hey...Sungmin!" Donghae whimpered.

"Hey Donghae." Sungmin grinned at him.

"Not funny, Minnie." Donghae said as he walked around the bathroom. He looked in every corner of the room, searching for anything out of place.

"Rats. Nothing." Donghae sulked.

"Hey Donghae, come here!" Sungmin said. Donghae jumped up and ran over to his friend who was standing out in the hallway.

"What is it?" he asked. Sungmin held out his hand to Donghae. Between his index finger and his thumb was a small white feather.

"Where’d that come from?" Donghae asked, curiously taking the feather from his friend.

"It was floating in the hallway on the ground." Sungmin stated.

"Hmm............that means we’re getting closer to that chicken. C’mon." Donghae said, dragging his friend by the hand into Sungjin’s room.

"Why are we in here, Donghae?" Sungmin asked as the two boys walked into Sungjin’s bedroom.

"Because this is the first place the chicken attacked, that’s why." Donghae replied. Still holding Sungmin’s hand, he walked over to Sungjin’s bed and started examining it.

"Donghae, why are you still holding my hand?" Sungmin finally asked. Donghae jumped and grinned sheepishly.

"I don't know." He shrugged, letting go of Sungmin’s hand. Sungmin muttered a "whatever" and followed his friend’s footsteps. The two little boys rummaged around Sungjin’s room, picking apart his bed, emptying his toy box, opening his closet, and dumping out the drawers.

"Told you there wouldn’t be anything in here." Sungmin complained, flopping down on the ground. All of this wandering around on his friend’s wild goose- er, chicken chase, made him tired.

"Hey, found another one." Donghae said, holding out another white feather.

"Where was it?" Sungmin asked.

"It was right by his pillow. You know what this mean right?"


Donghae sighed in exasperation and shook his head.

"It MEANS that the chicken must have came up to Sungjin at night and attacked him while he was sleeping, which is why Sungjin couldn’t feel it." Donghae explained as he jumped off of Sungjin’s bed and walked back out into the hallway.

"Maybe..." Sungmin trailed off, getting up to follow Donghae.

"Now, that only leaves us one more spot to look." Donghae said.

"Where?" Sungmin asked him, rubbing his eyes tiredly. Donghae didn’t say anything but walked into one last room.

"Donghae! We can’t go in there! Mommy and Daddy said not to." Sungmin warned his friend. Donghae paid no heed to this and continued on his venture.

"Start searching soldier, we need to find that fugitive chicken." Donghae ordered him and walked into the master bathroom.

"You watch waaaaaaaaaay too much TV." Sungmin said under his breath, but did as he was told. He crawled into the closet while Donghae searched the cabinets in the bathroom. Both boys turned everything upside down in hot pursuit of the chicken. They met up again in the middle of the room.

"Well, that’s it. No more chicken." Sungmin shrugged.

"I wouldn’t be so sure..." Donghae trailed off.

"What do you mean?" Sungmin asked. Donghae’s eyes traveled up to the king-size bed. His large eyes looked at the surface of the bed. Suddenly his gaze narrowed and he jumped on top of the bed.

"EVIL CHICKEN!" he cried out, attacking one of the down pillows on the bed. Sungmin looked at his friend with a look of pure confusement.

"Dongy? What are you-"

"Minnie, it’s the chicken! He’s in disguise as a pillow! Get him!" Donghae said, beating up the pillow once more. Sungmin nodded and jumped up with Donghae and started smashing his little fists into the pillow.

"Pull him apart!" Donghae instructed. Sungmin, who was now too wrapped up in the chicken warpath, seized one end of the pillow while Donghae held the other.

"On the count of 3, we rip him to shreds." Donghae instructed. Sungmin nodded and held his end of the chicken pillow imposter tighter.

"One." Donghae counted off.

"Two." Sungmin continued.

"Three!" They said simultaneously, pulling as hard as they could on the pillow. With a satisfying RRIIPP! sound, the pillow split in two pieces, sending both boys flying in opposite directions. Feathers went flying all over the place, floating down to the ground softly, creating a world of white.

"SUNGMIN LEE WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON IN HERE?" Sungmin's mom suddenly shouted in horror as she and Donghae's mom stood in the doorway.

"It’s Donghae’s fault!" Sungmin pointed to Donghae.

"Nu-uh! It just as much your fault as it is mine!" Donghae argued back.

"Both of you better start explaining. Fast." Donghae's mom said sternly, looking at her son.

"Well, Sungmin said he got the chicken pox." Donghae started out.

"So Donghae said that there had to be a chicken behind this and that it must still be in the house."

"So we walked around the house looking for the chicken." Donghae continued.

"But all we found were little white feathers like these." Sungmin pointed to the ground.

"So then we came in here and discovered the chicken was disguised as this pillow."

"So Donghae said to rip it up so we couldn’t get the chicken pox anymore."

"Which is what you see right now." Donghae finished. Both women looked at each other in surprise, before bursting into laughter.

"It’s not funny Mom, this is a serial matter!" Donghae complained, putting his hands on his hips.

"That’s serious, honey, not serial." his mom corrected him.

"And I didn’t want chicken pox ever again ‘cause they itch and make me feel icky and I don’t like ‘em!" Sungmin added indignantly.

"Sweetie, chicken pox doesn’t come from a chicken." Sungmin's mom explained through her laughter.

"It doesn’t?" Both boys asked simultaneously.

"No. Chicken pox is just a disease people get from other people. A virus."

"So, there’s no chicken involved?" Donghae asked.

"Nope. No chicken." Donghae's mom replied.

"Oh." Donghae shrugged and gave them an innocent grin while Sungmin glared at him and coughed. Sungmin's mom smiled and picked Sungmin up.

"Sungmin dear, you should be in bed resting." She said and tucked him into her bed. Sungmin sighed and shrugged.

"I feel fine, Mommy. Honest." Sungmin said and coughed again.

"No arguments Sungmin." his mom replied and turned back.

"I think you two have had enough excitement for today." She said to both boys.

"Yea..." Donghae sighed. Suddenly Sungjin came into the room as fast as his little legs could carry him.

"Mommy! Someone mess up my room!" he exclaimed. Both moms turned around to both of their sons.

"Well, we thought the chicken would be hiding in there ‘cause that was the first place it was." Donghae shrugged. Sungmin's mom sighed and went to go clean up Sungjin’s room. Donghae's mom turned to her son and pointed to the bed.

"Now I want you to stay in here with Sungmin. Do not move anywhere but this bed." She said sternly. Donghae sighed and played with the sleeve of his blue and white baseball shirt. He nodded in defeat and crawled up on the bed with Sungmin. His mom smiled and closed the door behind her. Donghae sat on the end of the bed and sulked. Sungmin blinked at his friend and moved closer until he was lying on his stomach next to him.


Donghae didn’t even look at him.

"Donghae, I’m sorry you didn’t find the chicken." Sungmin said helplessly, the words sounding stupid even to himself.

"It's not your fault. It’s the chicken’s fault." Donghae pouted. Unconsciously, he started playing with Sungmin’s fingers. He laid down on his stomach as well.

"What are you doing?" Sungmin asked him.

"Holding you hand. What does it look like?" Donghae replied.


"Because it’s what you do when you like somebody a whole lot." Donghae explained.

"Oh. So you like me a lot?"

"Of course. I like you lots and lots." Donghae smiled at his friend.

"I like you a lot too." Sungmin said. Donghae nodded and laid there in thought.

"What are you thinking about?" Sungmin asked him finally.

"Nothing. Go to sleep Minnie. Then we can continue playing." Donghae suggested, closing his own eyes.

"Ok. G’night Donghae." Sungmin said sleepily.

"Goodnight Sungmin." Donghae snuggled up closer to Sungmin and fell asleep.

--3 days later--

Donghae woke up in his own bed 3 days later. He yawned and stretched his limbs, crawling out of bed. He scratched his chin and walked into the bathroom. He did his usual morning routine and then looked in the mirror. He did a double-take and squeaked.

"Oh no!" he yelped, jumping off of his stepstool and running to the phone. His mommy had already put Sungmin’s number on speed-dial and Donghae called. The phone rang twice before someone answered.


"Sungminnie, help!! The chicken’s on the loose again! Only this time he’s somewhere in my house."



I love Kid!Donghae and Kid!Sungmin xD

Tags: pairing: sungmin/donghae

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