ryotanfan29 (ryotanfan29) wrote in miracle______,

Fanfic- Chapter 1: Unkown to Me

Main Friendship Pairing: CinRyo (Kim Heechul of Super Junior&Nishikido Ryo of NEWS/Kanjani8)
Main Romantic Parings: Hanchul, ShiRyo (Shiwon&Ryo)
Characters: Ryo, Heechul, Kyuhyun, Shiwon, Hankyung
Genre:Fluff? Romance
Summary: Jin and Pi decided to play a prank on Ryo and ditched him. Ryo bumped into Heechul and became friends with him and his friends. 
Rating Pg-13
Tags: pairing: heechul/hangeng, with: news

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