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Joker's Ball Chpt 1.5 Minwoo/Heechul Interlude

Title: Joker's Ball
Author: kanabaka1 
Pairings: Yesung/Heechul, Sungmo/Jungmo, Simon D/Jonghoon, Sangchu/Mithra, Natsun/Jonghyun, MinWoo/Hongki, brief Min Woo/Heechul, past every1/Heechul
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Yesung also wants to be part of Heechul's Joker's Ball but Heechul ignores his request. Why is Heechul so cold to him?
Disclaimer: The tiny voice in my head is screaming yes I do own them. Unfortunately the law is telling me no. So everyone in this fic belongs to their respective selves or whatever.
Warning: Implied double penetration and bondage. Actual rough sex
A/N:This fic does not have a beta :/ Hopefully I will have one soon... Also I kind of write as I go. Only my general summary is planned out. Meaning that bondage, spanking, etc may work its way in here. I have no control over my imagination XD However, I will warn for each chapter what is in there

This fic is dedicated to be_ddelusionall  because she's kinda the reason why I'm writing again anyways. Also, because Heenim is her god. Also to ritsuka1  

Previous Chapters: 1  2

Smutty Interlude: Pay Attention

Heechul yelped as lips suddenly pressed against his neck and the last light went out in the room. Strong arms wrapped around his waist and pulled him down to the floor. As the brutal attack on his neck began, Heechul wondered who was kissing him.

"Hmm, it could be Simon D. It's been a while since he's ties me up. Or maybe Hongki. But wait, I distinctly remember Hongki stripping across the room. Maybe Mithra? But Mithra's not bold like this. And surely Jonghyun is riding him by now." As Heechul continued to ponder, the full body length of the person behind him wrapped around him. He had his answer. "Minwoo! Ah, this is going to be great. He's the second best sex I've had since Siwon and Hankyung. Wouldn't it be amazing if they were both here. Minwoo and Siwon slowly inching inside of me while Hannie's cock was in my mouth. I bet it would feel so good if..."

His thoughts abruptly cut off as hands pulled his hair back. Heechul's head followed and he winced at the sudden pain.

"I need you to pay attention," hissed Minwoo with an almost feral growl.

"Yah I'm not sure who you think is in charge here but I'm prettier so," Heechul's rant abruptly cut off again as this time, Minwoo wrapped his hands around Heechul's cock through his pants.

"Pay attention, Heenim!" Minwoo half commanded and half pleaded. He slowly dragged his teeth down Heechul's body stopping once he reached his own hand. Ignoring Heechul's whimpering, Minwoo removed his hand and simultaneously unzipped Heechul's zipper with his teeth while unbuttoning his shirt with the freed hand. His other hand released Heechul's hair, ghosting down his body to Heechul's waist to keep him from bucking up against his teeth.

Gripping onto the hand clutching his waist in support, Heechul decided to concede into Minwoo's take charge initiative. He closed his eyes enjoying the sensation as Minwoo pulled his boxers down with his teeth. The effort was hindered though once the boxers got caught at Heechul's kneees.

Heechul smirked and though Minwoo could not see it, he could feel the silent laughter coursing through Heechul's body. With a growl, Minwoo ripped off the rest of Heechul's body, leaving him naked with the exception of his pink Hello Kitty socks. Turning attention to his own body, Minwo quickly stripped off his clothes.

Grabbing Heechul by the neck, Minwoo pulled his lips towards Heechul's ear. In a singsong voice, Minwoo whispered, "Heenim is a beautiful god whose looks rival Aphrodite. AB's rock and sing as well they suck cock." Nipping at Heechul's ear, Minwoo continued, "And you are going to be demonstrating."

With that he yanked Heechul's head down to his cock forcing Heechul to take Minwoo's full length into his mouth. Heechul choked a little bit but managed to take it all in. Half climbing on top of Minwoo for a better angle, Heechul began to bob his head. Heechul laughed as the music in the backgroundchanged to SHINee's Up and Down.

Feeling the reverberations around his cock, Minwoo moaned. He knew he wouldn't last that long and as Heechul's nose pressed against the soft curls of his body, Minwoo's thoughts were confirmed. With deft hands, he lifted Heechul's hips up. The movement lodged Minwoo deeper into Heechul's mouth but Minwoo ignored the pleasure as best as he could. Instead he parted Heechul's cheeks and harshly shoved two fingers into Heechul's hole.

Heechul broke away from Minwoo's leaking cock with a cry. The cry turned into whimpers as Minwoo's fingers assualted his hole in at a fast pace. Heechul pushed his body back meeting every thrust as Minwoo's fingers fucked him, a third one slipping in. When a fourth one joined, Heechul's whimpers reduced to incoherent moans, his eyes rolling back in his head.

Minwoo felt his cock quiver as his fingers disappeared deeper into Heechul's ass. "Enough." Minwoo thought, pulling his fingers from Heechul's body. In the same instant, Minwoo flipped Heechul onto his back and thrust into Heechul, burying himself to the hilt. Heechul threw his head back and pushed back against Minwoo's cock trying to fuck himself. Minwoo let the desperate movements continue for a while before biting hard on Heechul's shoulder. Letting his teeth sink in, he felt Heechul push back even harder. Minwoo released Heechul's shoulder and yanked Heechul's head back even further. "Pay attention," Minwoo hissed again before pounding hard into Heechul's body.

Minwoo set a breaking pace thrusting as roughly into Heechul's body. Heechul's body was impossibly tight, clenching around his cock with every thrust. The tightness increase when Minwoo suddenly hit Heechul's prostate. Minwoo felt Heechul's whole body clench around him, Heechul's upper body collasping allowing Minwoo to hit his prostate at an even deeper angle. Minwoo embraced this opportunity, pulling his hips back and thrust back in at hopefully the same angle. His efforts succeeded and shivers rippled through Heechul's body.

Realizing quickly that he lost the upper hand, Heechul dug his nails into the hand gripping his waist. Taking advantage of the distraction it provided by stopping Minwoo from thrusting back in, Heechul linked his leg against Minwoo's and rolled backwards. The end result was Heechul laying awkwardly on top of Minwoo. In a quick movement Heechul stood up and sat back down again so he was facing forward on top of Minwoo. Lifting up again, though only slightly this time, Heechul grabbed Minwoo's cock guiding it slowly into his body. With a groan, Heechul pushed down until Minwoo's cock was once again buried to the hilt. With a mischevious grin, Heech began slowly bouncing up and down on top of Minwoo. He alternated the pace, bouncing faster every few thrusts and slower the next few. As Minwoo's hips began to meet his, Heechul leaned down and bit Minwoo's neck. As warmth coursed through his body, Heechul moaned and bit down even harder before coming on Minwoo's stomach.

As the orgasm racked through their bodies, Heechul collasped weakly onto Minwoo whose hard length was still deep within him.

After a few minutes, Heechul's voice rang out in the darkness, "Someone turn on a light please."

A/N: I woke up this morning and immediately wrote this down. So I feel I began the day very productively. In this "chapter", I imagine Minwoo like the scene in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho where he yells at Hae In for kissing Dae Woong. A screen capture is below courtesy of javabeans. Isn't he hot as hell in that scene?!? Imagine that look on his face while he's hissing at Heechul to pay attention. Newayz, even though I fail at smut, I hope you enjoy it. <3

Tags: pairing: heechul/yesung, with: epik high, with: ft island, with: shinee, with: shinhwa, with: trax
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