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Bedtime Stories

Title: How the Camel Got His Hump
Pairing: JayChul
Genre: fluff/crack?
Rating: PG 13 (sexual implications)
Word Count: 856
Characters: Heechul as the Camel, Eeteuk as the Horse, Donghae as the Dog, Kangin as the Ox, Jay as the magical Jinn
Explanation: I decided to do a small project and turn a couple of short children's bedtime stories into fics. The plots vary greatly and I will use whatever pairing I feel fits. I'm not sure how many of these I will be doing, but here is the first one. Keep in mind that this is taken almost directly from the actual story, with just a few things switched around. The characterization will probably seem a little weird, and the writing is very simple because ITS A CHILDRENS STORY. Creds for plot go to various authors. If you would like to see what the actual story says, ask me and I'll post it up separately. I hope this is at least a little funny? Anyway Sweet Dreams!

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Tags: pairing: heechul/jay kim
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