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Joker's Ball Chpt 2

Title: Joker's Ball
Author: kanabaka1 
Pairings: Yesung/Heechul, Sungmo/Jungmo, Simon D/Jonghoon, Sangchu/Mithra, Natsun/Jonghyun, MinWoo/Hongki, brief Min Woo/Heechul, past every1/Heechul
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Yesung also wants to be part of Heechul's Joker's Ball but Heechul ignores his request. Why is Heechul so cold to him?
Disclaimer: The tiny voice in my head is screaming yes I do own them. Unfortunately the law is telling me no. So everyone in this fic belongs to their respective selves or whatever.
Warning: Implied orgy
A/N:This fic does not have a beta :/ Hopefully I will have one soon... Also I kind of write as I go. Only my general summary is planned out. Meaning that bondage, spanking, etc may work its way in here. I have no control over my imagination XD However, I will warn for each chapter what is in there

This fic is dedicated to be_ddelusionall because she's kinda the reason why I'm writing again anyways. Also, because Heenim is her god. Also to ritsuka1 

Previous Chapters: 1

Chapter 2

In the heavy darkness, Heechul's voice rang out. "Someone turn on a light please."

The lights flickered back on. On the floor, people were spread out in various states of undress. The scent of sex lingered in the air. With a tired sigh and a flick of his hair, Heechul sat up. Beneath him, Min Woo groaned at the sudden shift of weight. He protested loudly when Heechul climbed off him all together, dislodging Min Woo from his body. Heechul silenced his protests with a light slap.

Reaching up, using the podium for support, Heechul grabbed a sheet of paper. "Just raise your hand this time when I say your name please."

Equally tired, the members nodded in agreement.

"Min Woo. Hongki. Sung Mo. Jonghyun. Simon D. Sangchu. Mithra. Natsun. Jonghoon. Jungmo." After each name, a hand rose. Satisfied, Heechul lay back again with a sigh. Min Woo gently stroked his hair.

Across the room, Hongki uncoiled from the pile of men around him. "Hyung, we have work and school and other things to do. I motion for a group shower and a regroup next week."

Heechul sighed and nodded. "Meeting next week then."

Later that night Heechul entered his dormitory. Silence echoed in the room with the exception of slight noises. Heechul gravitated towards the sound, only to see Yesung sitting watching tv. After hestitating, Heechul casually said hello to him and then slowly sat down on the couch. Yesung did not return the greeting though; instead he tucked his head in and blushed.

"Hmm...this is interesting," Heechul said under his breath with a mischevious grin, "Yah! Red is not a good look on you. What are you hiding from me? Were you watching porn before I came in?"

At this, Yesung blushed even further.

"I was right!" crowed Heechul, leaping up in glee. Suddenly a hand grabbed his wrist and yanked him down.

Heechul gasped, startled to find that he was sitting on Yesung's lap.

With eyes full of lust, Yesung pleaded, "Please. Please let me join your club."

Taken aback by the look in Yesung's eyes, Heechul was slow to reply. "Yahh," he stuttered, " what's going on with you. Are we in middle school that you ask to join my club?" "Let me up this instant." he demanded.

His demand abruptly cut off when Yesung pressed his lips against him hard. Startled, Heechul froze as the quick kiss ended.

Yesung unceremoniously tossed Heechul from his lap and got up from the couch. When he reached the doorway, he turned around with a backward glance. "I'm not giving up."

A/N: I know it sucks and it is incredibly short. I just can't do anything with this chapter. :/. Don't kill me please *hides face* Btw, thinking about doing a smutty interlude about what happened when the lights when out. Should I do Minwoo/Heechul or the Hongki orgy?
Tags: pairing: heechul/yesung, with: epik high, with: ft island, with: shinee, with: shinhwa, with: trax
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