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Joker's Ball Chpt. 1

Title: Joker's Ball
Author: kanabaka1 
Pairings: Yesung/Heechul, Sungmo/Jungmo, Simon D/Jonghoon, Sangchu/Mithra, Natsun/Jonghyun, MinWoo/Hongki, brief Min Woo/Heechul, past every1/Heechul
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Yesung also wants to be part of Heechul's Joker's Ball but Heechul ignores his request. Why is Heechul so cold to him?
Disclaimer: The tiny voice in my head is screaming yes I do own them. Unfortunately the law is telling me no. So everyone in this fic belongs to their respective selves or whatever.
A/N:This fic does not have a beta :/ Hopefully I will have one soon... Also I kind of write as I go. Only my general summary is planned out. Meaning that bondage, spanking, etc may work its way in here. I have no control over my imagination XD However, I will warn for each chapter what is in there

This fic is dedicated to be_ddelusionall  because she's kinda the reason why I'm writing again anyways. Also, because Heenim is her god. Also to ritsuka1 

Chapter 1: Taking Attendance
"All rise!"

The chatter in the room continued as everyone ignored the command.

"I said all rise!" the man screamed.

After rolling their eyes, everyone complied with his wishes.

"Hmph, that's better," Heechul said as he laid the gavel down,"you may sit now."

Chairs scraped the floor as everyone sat.

"I will now call attendance. You know the drill people. When I say your name, stand up, say something about my oh so fabulous looks, and state our motto."

Towards the back of the room, two of the members were whispering to each other.
"Ever since he dyed his hair blonde, he thinks he's a judge!"
"Forget that. Why does it seem as if we are in school rather than in court?"
"Too much hairspray, he must be confused again."

"Yah!," screamed Heechul. The two members snapped to attention with mischievous smiles. "You two seem to be having fun back there. Since you're so enthusiastic, why don't you start, Noh..Min..Woo?" The name dripped off of Heechul's tongue as he smirked.

With languid grace, Min Woo unfolded himself from the chair. As he stood up, he stretched his arms above his head, showing off his toned stomach. Noticing the attention, Min Woo slowly trailed a finger down his body, stopping just before his zipper. Grinning at the intense stares, he began speaking in a sing song voice, "Heenim is a beautiful god whose looks rival Aphrodite. ABs rock and sing as well they suck cock." Minwoo slowly opened the zipper of his tight black jeans. "Who would like to demonstrate?", he asked licking his lips. As people rushed to him, hands outstretched, Minwoo closed his eyes.

"Yah!" screamed Heechul again, frantically banging the gavel, "We're not done taking attendance!!"

Everyone froze and Minwoo opened his eyes slowly, sighing, "You always ruin my fun." With hooded eyes, he blew Heechul a seductive kiss and sat back down. Everyone else went back to their seats, head and shoulders bent.

Sniggering, the other member who had been whispering stood up. "I believe it's my turn now."

Heechul nodded hesitantly at the man, "Go ahead, Hongki."

Hongki turned to wink at Min Woo, "Heenim is graceful, his steps as light as a feather. ABs rock and sing as well as they suck cock. We dance well too." With that, he snapped his fingers. All but one of the lights went off in the room as Hongki began taking his clothes off. Someone catcalled and while another person turned on music. The sound of Heechul's gavel could not be heard as the members began flocking towards Hongki.

Pouting, Heechul sat down. "If it's not one thing, it's another," Heechul thought to himself. "Stupid sex fiends." He yelped as lips suddenly pressed against his neck and the last light went out in the room…


Yesung leaned against the wall as moans began floating out of the slightly cracked door. Palming his erection, he wondered what it would be like if he too were in that room. As the sound of Heechul's scream floated through the door, Yesung unzipped his pants. Thinking could wait.
Tags: pairing: heechul/yesung, pairing: various, with: epik high, with: ft island, with: shinee, with: shinhwa, with: trax
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