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11 September 2010 @ 02:18 am
advertisements 8/12 - 9/10  
These may or may not become monthly. 8D;

A-five in Singapore

A-five, a korean acapella group will be coming to SG in October. They will be performing acapella versions of kpop hit songs. A must watch for kpop fans in SG!


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Kpop_betas is a community for beta readers and writers for the Korean pop fandom (or Korean dramas) alike to come together. You can find betas as well as request ones. Please check it out. The comm would love to have you.

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Super Junior Fanfiction Olympics

Come and join the Super Junior Fanfiction Olympics!!

[info]sujuolympics is a weekly fanfiction challenge community where users participate in teams to try to gather the most points. There are three teams to choose from, each dedicated to 5 of Super Junior's members. Every week you'll have a chance to enter the challenge and win your team big points! We are just a newbie community so we'd love to see you there! The first challenge starts on September 12th!!


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