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fic contest

^_^ It's that time again~ Another contest. :3 Sorry this one took so long. ^o^ But I hope the rest did you all well and you're ready to write more!

THEME: Alternate Universe. You read right -- this fiction must take place in a universe that is not this one. Meaning the SuJu boys cannot be...well, SuJu boys. But if you'd like them to still be singers/actors/whatever, that's entirely up to you.
♠ When entering, please label the subject header with "AU Contest Entry" so that no fictions are missed.
♠ As always, the pairing choice is entirely up to you. We welcome het and yaoi, canon and unconventional. :D It's entirely up to you. With thirteen boys, I'm sure we'll get a variety of different pairings. Heck, the fic doesn't even have to be centered around a pairing if you don't want it to.
Rating: open -- you can go from G all the way to XXX. Just make sure you leave a warning if it's not work safe.
♠ All fictions must be a one-shot. If you want to expand on it later, that's up to you, but it should be able to stand on its own.
No old material. We'd like for you to write a fic specifically for this contest.
♠ The contest goes from now through July 04.
♠ The vote post will go up July 05.
♠ Voting will be done in two parts -- Members' Choice and Mods' Choice. Members' Choice will obviously be picked by the members in a voting post. Deliberation on Mods' Choice will take place between hoyah and fruitsz_pixie. However, more entries mean more winners. Our last contest had 12 entries and we had a total of four winners. Keep that in mind. ;D
♠ The criteria we will be judging on in no particular order are originality, characterization, technical skills, and emotive power.
♠ Prize: Winners will receive a banner of recognition. Ooh, shiney. :D Hey, it's something nice to post in your userinfo.

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