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02 September 2010 @ 12:11 am
Fanfiction Series Update  
Day 24: Love Quindecagon
Chars: SJ & SJM. This ch: Heechul, Yesung, Shindong, Sungmin, Donghae, Kibum, ninja!KiHae, ninja!Shiwon
Rate: PG13
Words: 1208
Genre: Cracktastic
Sneak:“And I closed it because I’m making a statement.”

“What? That you want to piss off Kim Heechul!?” Heechul demanded,

“I think his statement is that he wants to close his site,”

One evening, Heechul is updating his minihompy. However, while browsing for more pictures of himself to put on his page, he comes across a fanfiction site dedicated to Super Junior. Affronted by the way he is portrayed in the fanfiction, he begins to read more stories, only to read he is portrayed the same way in most stories. Upset, he calls forth all members of Super Junior and Super Junior-M to plead his case. What ensues is chaos as Heechul challenges the other fourteen men to a competition based on Super Junior fanfiction.

Past Proof:
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[Beijing fried rice]
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[The Real Deal]
[It's so obvious]
[He's a homewrecker]
[feminine!Heechul pt 5]
[The Best Man for the Job]

Preview! Preview! Preview! ^___^v

Preview: Scarlet Night, Phase 30: End of the Scarlet Night

The room was filled with the insistent whine of a newborn crying as the mother practically collapsed against the piles of pillows at her back. Beside her, the father was clasping her hand tightly, his other hand holding a small, face towel and dabbing the layer of perspiration from her forehead. She was exhausted, her skin flushed, her body weak and her hair sticking to her face and neck.

Kibum leaned his forehead to hers, brushing a kiss to her temple, “My love, you were amazing.”

“Go to hell,” Kyuri murmured as she breathed heavily, trying to get her racing heart under control.

She had been in labour for almost an entire day before she had dilated enough to give birth. At her harsh words, Kibum only straightened and smiled back. Over the past twenty-four hours she had thrown slurs and meaner comments as her body was wracked with wave after wave of blinding pain. There was even a time when she had banished him from her side, spending a few hours dedicated to blaspheming his name to Taeyeon. However, once her contractions had come closer together and the doctor had deemed her ready to give birth, the first thing she did was call Kibum back to her side.

Hope y'alls enjoy. Hope this makes up for SN29~~!
Love and thanks to my readers =)